Popeyes $6 Big Box is the tastiest value meal feast

Who doesn’t love that chicken from Popeyes? Now, the Popeyes Big Box is back and it’s just $6. Whether you prefer bone-in chicken or tenders, this meal deal is one that will get cheers all around the table.

For many people Popeyes chicken is a favorite. It can be the Louisiana seasonings that make people crave bite after bite. Add to that flavor, the perfectly crispy, moist chicken, there are so many reasons to place another order.

With the Popeyes Big Box, the $6 value is not just about the amount of food, but the variety of the options available. First, guests can choose either two pieces of bone-in chicken or three tenders. Given that some people have very specific chicken preferences, this option ensure that everyone gets their favorite.

Although the fried chicken is the reason why most people head to Popeyes, the sides add the variety to keep the value meal fresh. Since the $6 special comes with the choice of two signature sides, the combinations are many. From red beans and rice to the new macaroni and cheese, people can mix up the order however they like.

Lastly, the value meal comes with the iconic buttermilk biscuit. After all, every Popeyes meal deserves that flaky, tender bite. That chicken sandwich might be legendary, but the biscuits still reign supreme.

The $6 Popeyes Big Box value meal is back for a limited time. Although the exact duration is unclear, it is best to place an order, or two, before it disappears.

And, with football season heading into the playoffs, why not let Popeyes provide the food. And, since this value meal can be customized, everyone can get their favorite food choices. No worries about that plate of vegetables that is leftover at the end of the night.

What is your favorite Popeyes order? Will you be ordering the Big Box today?