Cadbury Bunny Tryouts bring fan favorites to the judging table

Cadbury Bunny Tryouts return, photo provided by Cadbury
Cadbury Bunny Tryouts return, photo provided by Cadbury /

It is time to hop into the Easter festivities because the fourth annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are back. While those luscious, creamy Cadbury eggs are an Easter staple, the annual animal spokesperson is pop culture phenomenon. Who will hop into holiday candy history?

Many people grew up watching those iconic Easter candy commercials. While the white bunny might have hopped its way onto the screen, other animals wanted to join that basket of fun. Even though that lion’s roar might have been powerful, not every animal is worthy of the special designation.

The annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts have become not just a fun promotion for Cadbury, but it is a way for people to share meaningful stories about their animal family members. And, the conversation has evolved, too. From dog and cat parents to even last year’s famous frog, animals of all shapes and sizes have important parts in people’s lives. Yes, the inclusivity conversation includes animals, too.

This year, the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts have compiled some advice of its former winners to create a judges panel. With the help of Henri the English Bulldog (2019), Lieutenant Dan (2020) and Betty the Frog (2021), one lucky animal will be on their way to donning those bunny ears.

Since the judges panel have experience, they might have a few pointers for hopping to the top of the list. From a captivating photo that shows off personality to always being a good friend to even just being a little silly, the reality is that there are many ways for all those adorable animals to shine. Although the phrase about about a picture telling a story, the picture only tells so much. The connection between the animal and their human friend tugs at the heart strings.

This year’s event is open for any animal who is ready for that moment in the spotlight. Grab those ears, smile brightly and show what makes you unique. Be sure to check back to see who will be hopping into Easter candy history.