Coors Almighty Light is the beer to clutch while watching Studio 666

Coors Almighty Light celebrates Foo Fighters Studio 666 release, photo provided by Coors Light
Coors Almighty Light celebrates Foo Fighters Studio 666 release, photo provided by Coors Light /

As the Foo Fighters release their highly anticipated Studio 666 documentary which follows the creation of Medicine at Midnight, the band’s 10th studio album, there might be more than a haunting drum beat lingering in the air. Coors Almighty Light is ready to ward off any supernatural threats.

For those unfamiliar, Studio 666 shows Dave Grohl becoming possessed during the album’s creation. As seen in this clip, the situation could have many people grabbing a beer to calm their nerves.

While the film might seem that a lot goes into making a killer album, there seems to be a good story woven into that perfect note. Although this theme might have been played out in many ways over the years, some musicians may want to sell their soul in order to achieve that iconic song.

As part of the hype regarding the new Studio 666 and upcoming Medicine at Midnight, Coors Light wants to join the conversation. While some Foo Fighter super fans might know this beverage fact, but Coors Light is Dave Grohl’s favorite beer.

Once Grohl told KLOS-FM that Coors Light is part of his pre-show ritual. While that beer might help calm the nerves before taking the stage, that perfect shot of refreshment it is part of the ritual.

With the Coors Almighty Light, the favorite beer brand looks to be that silver bullet to pair with the Medicine at Midnight. While the limited edition beer is “made with Rocky Mountain Water that has been blessed by a spiritual guru,” it might be a good omen for many beer drinkers. Although there are no promises in the can, it might be better to be safe than sorry.

More information on this special offering and how to obtain the spiritually enlightened beer will be available via the Coors website.