New Dunkin Spring Menu is salty, sweet and a little lucky

New Dunkin Spring Menu, photo provided by Dunkin
New Dunkin Spring Menu, photo provided by Dunkin /

While the Easter Bunny might not have his basket ready and the Leprechaun is still looking for that pot of gold, the new Dunkin Spring Menu has been revealed. It is time to dig out of the snow for some salty, sweet and tasty treats that will have everyone marching into springtime.

As seasons change so do the food and beverage offerings at Dunkin. Although a classic coffee and donut always satisfies, the reality is that new flavors bring excitement. Even if that food and beverage pair is a sometimes, not every day occurrence, the reality is that new flavors entice that visit.

What new food and beverage offerings are on the Dunkin Spring Menu?

Looking specifically at the beverages, salted caramel takes center stage. Available both as a Cream Cold Brew and a Signature Latte, that taste of salty and sweet is perfect for springtime. Although sometimes a winter option, that perfect balance makes people go back for more.

The most colorful item on the menu is definitely the new Shamrock Macchiato. While many people crave that seasonal shake, this coffee with its Irish Crème flavor is a touch lucky, too. Although mimicking some of the Irish whiskey flavors, it is an enjoyable sip. And, the color will have everyone having a little extra pep in their step.

Shamrock Latte Dunkin Spring Menu
New Dunkin Spring Menu, photo provided by Dunkin /

Since a great beverage deserves a tasty bite, there are several new toasts on the menu. Although the toast trend has never faded, there are two new options on the menu. Both options feature roasted tomato. That touch of savory makes for a hearty meal.

The new Roasted Tomato and Hummus Toast brings bold flavors with the Za’atar seasoning. That flavor contrasting the sourdough bread pairs well with those salted caramel beverages.

For those who can’t get enough avocado, the new Roasted Tomato and Avocado Toast features Everything Bagel seasoning. Who doesn’t love a little shake of Everything Bagel seasoning?

Lastly, the new Dunkin Spring Menu wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat. The new Chocolate Croissant, which is served warm, ensures there’s some chocolate nestled into every flakey bite.

All of the new Dunkin Spring Menu items are available now. In addition, several of the offerings will have featured deals throughout the month.

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Which new Dunkin Spring Menu item will you try first? Do you prefer traditional offerings or new takes that spark some creativity?