New Nitro Pepsi is far from a traditional soda

Pepsi Nitro, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Nitro, photo provided by Pepsi /

Sitting on a shelf, everyone knows that a blue can is Pepsi. That classic cola goes with everything and seems to make almost anything taste better. While iconic, the brand appreciates that through beverage innovation it will never go flat. With the new Nitro Pepsi, that first pour will have everyone bubbling over with excitement.

When it comes to soda, soft drinks or pop, the carbonation can impact not only the enjoyment but also the flavor. Similar to how not all sparking wine bubbles are the same, the carbonation in soft drinks is different, too.

Some people might know the term nitro when it comes to coffee or even beer. That special pour creates a smoother drinking experience. Although Don Ho might not be singing in the background, it is all about the tiny bubbles.

With the new Nitro Pepsi, the iconic beverage brand is the releasing the first-ever nitrogen infused cola. Although some foodies or science folks might appreciate that description, the resulting beverage can be described as “softer than a soft drink,” meaning the carbonation is much more smooth.

According to Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi, he believes that “Nitro Pepsi is a huge leap forward for the cola category and will redefine cola for years to come.” While Kaplan commented that, for some, “heavy carbonation as a barrier to enjoying an ice-cold cola,” this beverage innovation is a new way for people to enjoy that iconic cola with a new bubbly experience.

Through the process, the bubbles are tiny, which leads to a smoother mouth feel. Sometimes described as creamy, the change in carbonation not only impacts the visual but more importantly the taste. The rounded flavor makes each sip quite enjoyable.

As seen in the video, the appearance is quite different. A foamy head on a soda is sometimes not warranted, but in this situation, it is appreciated. It is a visual that shows the softer bubbles.

And, that visual is important to the Nitro Pepsi drinking experience. Similar to some nitro-infused beers, the beverage is best enjoyed served in a tall glass. Through the hard pour, the foam rises to the top and it becomes that “perfect pour.”

Also, the beverage is best enjoyed without ice, served cold. It is less about watering down the flavor with ice but more about ensuring the balance of bubbles and flavor. Like many beverages, temperature impacts taste.

Lastly, this beverage is best enjoyed by sipping. Although you might want a friend close by to warn you about that foam mustache, it is part of the experience. Sipping through a straw doesn’t allow for the flavor to be fully enjoyed.

After years perfecting this offering, Nitro Pepsi will be available on March 28. In addition, the special beverage will be served “on tap at Sky Lounge at The High Roller Observation Wheel at THE LINQ Promenade on the Las Vegas Strip beginning on March 25.”

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Do you think that this Pepsi beverage innovation will change the industry? Are you counting the days till that first pour?