Dole’s Green Smash Smoothie recipe helps everyone power through the day

Dole Green Smash Smoothie Recipe, photo provided by Dole
Dole Green Smash Smoothie Recipe, photo provided by Dole /

Looking for a new way to level up that morning routine? With Dole’s Green Smash Smoothie recipe, everyone will support that power from within and boost that super hero in everyone. Ready to assemble and strive for greatness?

Over the years, Dole has partnered with Disney to encourage families to find ways to blend favorite characters with balanced, healthy eating. Although parents might always appreciate the importance of having a plethora of fruits and vegetables as part of the daily routine, kids just want tasty, fun food. When those two ideas can meet in a single bite, everyone wins.

In the latest Disney and Dole collaboration, the Marvel universe serves as the inspiration. Building on the concepts of “mind, soul, heart and home,” these Marvel inspired recipes help everyone find that superhero within themselves. It is more than just another recipe, it helps to spark a conversation beyond the table.

As William Goldfield, Dole’s director of corporate communications, said, “Few can resist the classic Marvel origins story about an everyday champion who overcomes adversity and defies the odds to become a true Super Hero. It’s why we instinctively root for the underdog and know deep down that good will triumph over evil.” These recipes help to push that conversation forward by giving families the inspiration to boost their own inner strength.

Dole’s Green Smash Smoothie recipe is out of this world

One of the Marvel inspired recipes is the Dole’s Green Smash Smoothie. While many kids appreciate a smoothie for breakfast, it isn’t always green. Although Kermit might have put that green sentiment to music, the reality is that green is good.

With this smoothie recipe, kids (and maybe even adults) will be surprised with the taste. The combination of fruits and vegetables pack a nutritional punch, but the flavor is approachable. The sweetness appeals and makes people go back for more.

Even though Hulk might want to smash his way through every obstacle, this Green Smash Smoothie recipe will have lots of people crushing their day with a big boost of nutrition.

Here’s how to make Dole’s Green Smash Smoothie.


  • 1 Dole Green Apple, cored and chopped
  • 1 ripe Dole Banana, peeled, cut crosswise into thirds and frozen
  • ½ ripe Dole Avocado, peeled and pitted
  • 1½ cups 100% coconut water
  • 1 cup chopped Dole Pineapple, frozen plus additional wedges for garnish (optional)
  • ½ cup packed Dole Baby Spinach


  • Purée all ingredients, except garnish, in a blender on high until smooth; serve garnished with pineapple, if desired. Makes about 4 cups.

What is your favorite smoothie recipe? Are you excited to try this recipe from Dole?