Patron celebrates great cocktails and meaningful collaborations

New Patron collaboration with John Geiger , photo provided by Patron
New Patron collaboration with John Geiger , photo provided by Patron /

While that iconic bottle of Patron calls from the shelf, it is more than just a pour of a great tequila. That bottle represents family, tradition and coming together to toast good times. Weaving together craft and innovation, the brand looks beyond the glass. With this latest collaboration with John Geiger, this Cinco de Mayo is taking a step forward.

Food and fashion have become constant partners. Although that perfect outfit for a fun night out might be a given, it is more than just making that first impression. Food fashion has become a way to express a love of a flavor. Sometimes it is imperative to tell everyone what you crave, but in a way that has people wanting more.

Recently, Patron partnered with John Geiger to offer a luxury sneaker. This unique design blends the core characteristics of the iconic tequila brand with Geiger’s aesthetic. Whether worn for a casual gathering or an epic night out, these sneakers will become a wardrobe staple.

As Chloe Lloyd-Jones, VP Marketing of PATRÓN Tequila explained, these types of collaborations invites creators to be part of the “familia.” “Sharing a passion for craft and bold innovation, PATRÓN is excited to be teaming up with John again to bring this unique offering to life in time for Cinco de Mayo, a moment that is all about gathering with great company and great cocktails.”

While a memorable look might start the evening, it is not complete without a full glass and spirited conversation. For Cinco de Mayo, Patron recommends a variety of cocktails featuring its craft spirit.

From the Perfect Margarita to the Perfect Paloma, classic cocktails are always in fashion. Simplicity should never be overrated.

But, it doesn’t mean that the cocktail conversation should go flat. Consider using seasonal ingredients to boost the flavors. For example, a Strawberry Summer Mule brings together the spicy and the sweet.

Channeling the tropical beverage trend, High Tide brings together pineapple and coconut water for delightful refreshment. While not part of the recipe, consider adding a little spice, like a Tajin rim, for an added boost of flavor.

For anyone who would like to be a step ahead this Cinco de Mayo, shake up a Patron cocktail. And, the new John Geiger sneakers will go on sale at 5 p.m. EST May 5 on