Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich brings the bold flavor, again

Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich , photo provided by Popeyes
Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich , photo provided by Popeyes /

When Popeyes launched its chicken sandwich two years ago, the quick service restaurant world was forever changed. While other brands followed and the chicken sandwich wars ignited a food debate, many people expressed their love of “that” chicken. With the new Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich, there is reason to fall in love all over again.

A great chicken sandwich is more than just protein between two buns. All the flavors, textures and deliciousness comes together in a single bite. When that moment happens, people cannot wait to experience it over and over again.

While the classic Popeyes chicken sandwich might have set the quick service restaurant standard, the brand understands that it needs to continue to innovate. Without straying too far away from what people love, a twist can make that food enjoyment even more flavorful.

As Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America said, “Two years ago, our Chicken Sandwich reintroduced the world to our chicken mastery, and we have not topped innovating since. We have a lot of fun experimenting with new flavors in our test kitchen, and this Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is one I’m especially excited to bring to our guests.”

The new Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich starts with the classic hand battered, breaded chicken. The seasoning in the chicken itself sets the stage. It is one of the reasons why Popeyes chicken sandwiches have a more robust taste than other options.

This new offering is about the sauce. The creamy herb buttermilk ranch is tangy and tames the heat from the Buffalo sauce. That balanced flavor is what makes people come back for another bite. Even those people who might not gravitate towards spicy food can be comfortable with this sandwich because the buttermilk ranch helps smooth out the heat.

Of course, any Popeyes sandwich is not complete without that brioche bun. The buttery flavor complements the crunch of the chicken and the bold flavors. And, don’t forget the pickles. That briny note completes the whole experience.

The new Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich is available for a limited time at participating locations. It has a starting price of $4.99.