Schöfferhofer adds new flavors for extra happy summer refreshment

Schöfferhofer adds new flavors for summer, photo provided by Schofferhofer
Schöfferhofer adds new flavors for summer, photo provided by Schofferhofer /

As summer approaches, many people thirst for lighter, fruit forward beverages. Beyond the classic lemonade, bright, refreshing sips fill the cooler. Even if that lager might always be in season, another beer calls. Ready for some new flavors from Schöfferhofer?

When some people think of German beer, the Oktoberfest Marzen, lager or even a Dunkel comes to mind. Even those beers are always welcome in the stein, warmer weather can have some beer drinkers preferring a lighter, fruiter option.

Schöfferhofer brings a different take on the German wheat beer. As the first brewery to combine 50% beer with 50% fruit juice, it is different than a shandy. While fruit forward, it doesn’t lose its beer character.

Although the original grapefruit Schöfferhofer is always a delightful choice, the brand is expanding its fruit forward flavors. For the summer, pineapple offers a juicy, sweet choice.

Made with 50% pineapple juice and 50% German hefeweizen beer, the beverage brings a taste of the tropics to summer refreshment. Similar to other beer trends, the tropical notes capture that sense of wanderlust in a bottle.

Like the other beers from the brand, it has a low ABV, just 2.5%. It is quite drinkable as well as easily paired with a variety of foods. From some grilled fish to some spicy tacos, the options are many.

How is Schöfferhofer bringing the happy this summer?

In addition to the new pineapple flavor, Schöfferhofer is offering a summer variety pack, the Happy Pack. Featuring four beers, Schöfferhofer Wild Cherry, Schöfferhofer Grapefruit, Schöfferhofer Pomegranate and Schöfferhofer Passion Fruit, it is perfect for any summer gathering or just to have in the house for easy drinking.

The various fruit flavors show the versatility that the German beer offers. From the classic grapefruit to the new Wild Cherry, the wheat beer blends well with many fruits.

The Wild Cherry is a new flavor. While it has that sweet note, it is the touch of tartness that makes it refreshing. Similar to all the beers, it is that balance which has people sipping over and over again.

For anyone who has been to Epcot over the years, they appreciate the various offerings from the beer company. Over the years, Food and Wine Festival guests have enjoyed various offerings from pineapple to other flavors. During the warm Florida days, there is nothing more delightful than a big pretzel and beer sitting in front of the German pavilion.

Given that the brand seemed to test some of the flavors at the Epcot festival prior to the wider release, it will be interesting to see if future sneak peeks will happen. Maybe it is best to make a special visit to the Epcot festival this year to get that first taste.

The new Happy Pack is available at various retailers and features 12-slim cans, three cans of each flavor. Check with stores for pricing and availability.

Are you ready to get happy this summer? Pour a Schöfferhofer and enjoy some juicy refreshment in a glass.