Sonny’s BBQ Bowls build a bounty of flavorful options

Sonny's BBQ Bowls, photo provided by Sonny's BBQ
Sonny's BBQ Bowls, photo provided by Sonny's BBQ /

The pitmasters have been hard at work creating a new menu item. The Sonny’s BBQ Bowls are a heaping forkful of deliciousness that have guests coming back for more. With so many possible flavor combinations, the Sonny’s food choices stoke the fire for the taste adventure ahead.

While many people head to Sonny’s for delectable ribs and succulent chicken, the pitmasters have found a new way to serve those favorite flavors. The new BBQ Bowls have everyone digging in for that heaping forkful.

According to Shannon Snell, Sonny’s BBQ Pitmaster and brand ambassador, “The BBQ Bowls give us a chance to bring out everyone’s favorite Sonny’s ingredients, along with some new additions like our BBQ Dirty Rice, and pile them up into one delicious menu item. Our pitmaster-perfected bowls are amazing, and now we’re giving everyone the chance to customize and build a bowl of their own with endless options.”

The Sonny’s BBQ Bowls include the Classic BBQ Bowl, the Kickin’ Chicken Bowl, and the Smokin’ Brisket Bowl. Each bowl is completely different. Although some guests will choose the bowl based on the protein others will pick based on the complete bite.

The Smokin’ Brisket Bowl is the spiciest option. With jalapenos for the spice, the chopped brisket is paired with the new BBQ Dirty Rice and BBQ Beans. With some Fritos for crunch and Smokin’ Ranch for lusciousness, it is a whole new approach to traditional BBQ.

Bringing all the tradition BBQ flavors to the bowl is the Classic BBQ. With sides of BBQ beans, mac and cheese and coleslaw, that pulled pork shines. The touch of sweetness from the BBQ sauce and a little punch from the onion straws, it is the ultimate BBQ mash-up.

For the guest who is looking for comfort food, the Kickin’ Chicken Bowl is that flavor combination. Topping the tater tots and mac and cheese is Buffalo chicken tenders. With some ranch dressing drizzle and a sprinkling of bacon, it is quite satisfying.

While the pitmasters have created three bodacious bowls, guests can customize bowls, too. After picking two bases, the bowls can be topped with a protein, sauce and toppings. With so many options, a new bowl combination could be enjoyed every day of the week.

The new Sonny’s BBQ Bowls are available now for a limited time. The starting price for the new menu items is $10.99.