The Garden Table at The Bellagio is a breathtaking dinner with a view

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While many people are in awe of The Bellagio Fountains, it is only one part of its stunning offerings. When guests walk through The Bellagio Conservatory, the wonder and delight of nature transformed into various themes transports guests into a magical world. The newest dining experience, The Garden Table at The Bellagio, has everyone hungry to enjoy this culinary journey unlike any other.

Las Vegas and food have long been a perfect pairing. While some people might think of endless buffets to fuel a night of extravagance, the culinary scene is much more diverse.

Many well-known chefs have a plethora of dining options at the various resorts. From Gordon Ramsay to the new Chris Santos restaurant to various Michelin Starred chefs, the reality is that Las Vegas restaurants can satisfy any possible craving.

Whether picking a restaurant for the chef, cuisine or view, Las Vegas has a plethora of options. But, with The Garden Table at The Bellagio, the newest dining experience brings an iconic part of the landscape to life.

According to Bellagio Vice President of Food & Beverage Josef Wagner, “The Bellagio Conservatory is one of Las Vegas’ most visited and most photographed attractions. We wanted to create an entirely new and immersive way for our guests to experience the beauty of this space. The sights, sounds, colors, and energy of the Conservatory, combined with chefs Michael Mina and Mario Carbone curating the culinary journey, make for an epic experience that only Bellagio can deliver.”

With The Garden Table at The Bellagio, it combines a stunning view with a carefully crafted culinary experience by Michael Mina. That prix fixe dinner menu shows Chef Mina’s attention to detail. More importantly, it plays on the Conservatory theme. For the launch, the theme is “Jungle of Dreams.” While the launch menu brings the power and the passion of the jungle, it will be curious to see how future dinner options bring other ideas to life.

In addition to dinner, the prix fixe brunch menu brings classic food options to the table. From family style starters to a bagel tower, it is a lovely way to enjoy the beautiful view and delicious food.

The Garden Table at The Bellagio will feature rotating menus. Each subsequent menu will play off the current theme of The Conservatory.

The restaurant is open for brunch seven days a week. The dinner service is available Sunday through Thursday. Reservations are required and a table can accommodate up to six guests. Each party is limited to a two-hour dining experience.

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