Bud Light Kickoff Beers toast to the 2022-23 NFL Season

(Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

As the 2022-23 NFL Season starts, football fans are ready to cheer on their favorite team. Leaving the records from last season behind, the first game can set the tone for an epic start or an amazing comeback. No matter the predictions, hopes, or the fears one item will bring cheers all around. Ready to open some Bud Light Kickoff Beers?

Bud Light and the NFL have been great partners. As the official beer sponsor of the NFL, many people have raised a bottle in celebration or even cried in their beer after a tough loss. No matter the situation, that classic beverage has been a constant companion.

This year, the Bud Light Kickoff Beers are bringing the excitement to the season’s start. As seen in the new video, those first notes have everyone listening. Whether it is the NFL theme song or the enticing sound of a Bud Light being opened, everyone is thirsty for the new season.

While videos can be fun, the screen is only one element and there is not taste-o-vision with that replay. Luckily, the limited-edition NFL Team Cans are back. The team-specific designs are available in 24 participating cities.

But, if your favorite team is not part of that hometown pride, you might need to do a little search. Even though many people have jumped in the bay with Tampa Bay, some football fans would prefer to charge forward with a team from the West Coast. Maybe one day there will be a way to get your favorite NFL Team Cans delivered straight to your door.

Still, having NFL themed cans available during football Sunday adds to the enjoyment. It might be the rally beer that sparks an epic comeback.

Lastly, Bud Light is joining the NFT trend. The “Bud Light x NFL Ultimate Fandom is a new NFT collection. Available across all 32 teams, this digital representation is another way to celebrate that favorite team. It remains to be seen if the outcome in the metaverse is the same as the real world.

Football fans might have waited 200 days for football’s return, but the 2022-23 season is here. Get those Bud Light Kickoff Beers chilled for the big game.