Nestlé Rallies Nut Butter Bombs offer sweet snacking satisfaction

Nestlé Rallies Nut Butter Bombs photo provided by Nestle
Nestlé Rallies Nut Butter Bombs photo provided by Nestle /

From the return to the office to the long school day, the mid-afternoon hunger can create an energy slump. While that caffeine fix might offer a temporary boost, a quick snack can restore the energy to make it through the rest of the day. The Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs offer a sweet snack without a serving of that dreaded “g” descriptive word.

Snacks are an integral part of many people’s day. But, not all snacks are equal. It can be easy to grab a bag of cookies, chips, or candy. Unfortunately, those items are more of “sometimes” treats.

Still, many people long to satisfy that sweet craving. When consumers have a choice which feels indulgent but does not derail all those healthy eating choices, it quickly gets people attention. The Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs are one of those options.

Combining nut butters and rich chocolate, the chilled snacks have “less sugar than the leading chocolate nut-butter treat.” It fills the gap between curbing that craving yet not overindulging.

According to Jamie Harbeck, senior manager of innovation and strategy at Nestlé. “As snacking and chocolate consumption have increased over the last two years, we know that consumers are seeking a balance between permissibility and indulgence. Nearly nine out of ten consumers eat one indulgent snack per day, making Nestlé Rallies Nut Butter Bombs the perfect afternoon pick-me-up to satisfy sweet cravings on-the-go with less added sugar than alternatives.”

What are the Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs flavors?

The Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs are available in three flavors, Brownie Almond Butter, Salted Cashew Butter and Raspberry Peanut Butter. Each flavor is unique but captures the concept of balanced eating.

Looking at the flavors, the new Raspberry Peanut Butter might be the flavor that adds a touch of brightness to the day. The combination of peanut butter and raspberry is almost like a modern take on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sweet, rich and a touch tart, the flavor satisfies in the best possible way.

The Brownie Almond Butter is a great dessert swap. The sweet milk chocolate shell gives way to the dark chocolate and almond butter. Studded with crunchy almond pieces, the combination of flavors and textures make for a delightful bite.

Lastly, the Salted Cashew Butter is perfect for people who want a touch of savory with their sweet. The dark chocolate keeps the flavors balanced.

The Nestle Rallies Nut Butter Bombs are available in the refrigerated section Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle and QuickChek stores. Additional retailers will be added. In addition, the snacks can be purchased online and via Amazon.

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What is your favorite afternoon pick-me up? Are you looking for a sweet treat that fits into the balance eating mantra?