What is the best cheese placement on a cheeseburger?

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As National Cheeseburger Day approaches, many people will be indulging in a juicy, delicious cheeseburger. While that dish might be a classic, various food debates can arise between those two buns. But one rule seems to be universally followed. Do you agree with the best cheese placement on a cheeseburger?

For many people, a cheeseburger is the ultimate comfort food. While some people might prefer a smashburger to an over-stuffed variety, the key to any great cheeseburger is the cheese. Whether someone wants a particular sharp cheddar, a melty Swiss or a pungent blue cheese, the various options might be personal but there is one notion that everyone seems to appreciate.

According to a recent survey from RTA Outdoor Living, 84% of all respondents agree that cheese goes on top of the patty. Clearly, everyone agrees that best cheese placement on a cheeseburger tops. While there could be an argument that the cheese would not fall off if put below the patty, it seems to lose some of the flavor by being on the bottom.

One aspect that was not address is putting cheese both on top and under the patty. Although this option is not the choice that is often seen, it might be the better choice for the ultimate cheese lover.

With the best cheese placement on a cheeseburger has been determined, a few other items need to be addressed. For example, the right temperature is key to the juiciness. Although a blue burger might be a little too underdone, a dry meat puck is not a tasty bite.

The survey found that around 40% of respondents prefer medium. For the grill master trying to appease all the guests, medium might be the easiest choice.

Of course, there are many more food debates to be discussed with the simple cheeseburger. From picking the right bun to the preferred condiment, that classic food can be a little more controversial than it seems.

Still, the versatility that it offers makes it a popular choice for any gathering. Maybe the best way to appease everyone around the table is to offer a cheeseburger bar to allow everyone to create their own. If they make it, no one can complain, right?