Compartés Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar celebrates sweet, colorful joy

Compartes Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar, photo provided by Compartes
Compartes Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar, photo provided by Compartes /

While Los Angeles is a vibrant celebration of art and culture, the celebrated chocolatier, Compartés has been delighting people with its gourmet chocolate since 1950. By combining art, style, and sweetness, each confection is an invitation to enjoy a world of possibilities. With the latest offering, the Compartés Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar unwraps a moment of colorful joy.

As the food world embraces nostalgia, many favorite characters are being thrust into the spotlight. Whether it is longing for the simplicity of childhood or wanting something familiar, the old is not forgotten. It has a new life and is ready for its moment, yet again.

Compartés has long delighted people with its impeccable chocolate. While it has taken on collaborations with movies, beverage brands, and even was featured in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the gourmet chocolatier understands that the pop culture connection is just one aspect of enticing people to enjoy that luxurious flavor.

Appreciating that quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations make it unique, Compartés gourmet chocolate offerings are about savoring the experience. These chocolates are not about stolen moments hiding in the pantry. It is about taking the time, letting it linger and anticipating when that next bite will come again.

With the newest special offering, Compartés Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar, the offering seeks to celebrate joy. Even though the former greeting card imagery has become an expression of personality, the adorable, colorful bears with their decorated stomachs are more than just a touch of whimsy. They can be a way to accept the uniqueness in life.

For this special offering, the chocolatier created a fruit forward bar that is as bright in flavor as it is in color. The white chocolate base offers the sweetness while the fruity notes of strawberry, blueberry, orange and lemon offer zestiness. Although one fruit flavor does not overpower the other, there was a deft hand in ensuring that all the fruit notes play well with each other. Given that the white chocolate is the base, the more neutral palate lets the fruits shine not just in color but also in flavor.

Opening the package is a step back in time. The retro style packaging is meant to evoke a sense of playfulness. Although it is not required to take that bear off the shelf or sing one of the songs from back in the day, just looking at the bar should bring a smile. Life’s simple joys are the ones that should never fade from view.

The Compartés Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar is available now and retails for $9.95 a bar. As part of this special offering, Compartés will donate a portion of each bar sold to the Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.

While Tender Heart Bear said, “We care about everyone, even when they don’t care about us,” it might be time to spread a little joy one chocolate bar at a time. Why not give someone a Compartés Care Bears Rainbow Chocolate Bar and see how you can make their life a little more colorful.