IHOP just redefined the NFT in a way that everyone can understand

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The NFT conversation is getting a new definition. While IHOP might be known for its pancakes, the popular fast casual restaurant is imploring guests to push away the short stack and place another menu order. The new French Toast has everyone picking up a fork and taking a big bite.

Breakfast is no longer limited to a specific time of day. The time on the clock should not impact satisfying that craving. Luckily, restaurants like IHOP are always ready to put the plate on the table.

The IHOP new French Toast is called Thick ‘N Fluffy French Toast. The restaurant brand describes the menu item as “two slices of thick and fluffy bread dipped in a vanilla, cinnamon batter.” Cooked on the griddle, the French Toast can be topped serves as “classic, strawberry banana, and lemon ricotta mixed berry flavors.”

Looking at the new French Toast, it could be an opportunity to try a different flavor combination. While that vanilla and cinnamon with some maple syrup is always tasty, the other toppings show the menu item’s versatility. The lemon ricotta mixed berry is bright and luscious. It might be the most indulgent option of the bunch.

What other new foods join the IHOP new French Toast?

While many people will be excited to get that first bite of the IHOP new French Toast, there are other choices added to the all-day menu. Covering all the cravings, the new menu items have a lighter side and a more indulgent option.

As Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP said, “At IHOP, we understand guests have an endless list of decisions to make when they are hungry, including where to eat, whether to eat in or dine out, and even what to order. With our new menu additions, we are looking to provide joy to our guests with more choices such as our Thick ’N Fluffy French Toast, as well as new ways to enjoy IHOP regardless of where they fall on the two sides of cravings.”

Some of the lighter fare choices including Classic Avocado Toast, Plant-Based Sausage Power Combo, and egg white options. These choices have a tie to those classic breakfast menu favorites but offer a twist where it feels less heavy.

Beyond the breakfast forward choices, there are a couple of new appetizers and entrees. Each new menu item brings a touch of familiar yet offers that IHOP twist.

The new IHOP Thick ‘N Fluffy French Toast is available at participating restaurants. More information on all the new menu options can be found online.