Dinner en Blanc Orlando captivates diners with elegance and intrigue

Dinner en Blanc 2021 in Greensboro, photo provided by Dinner en Blanc Orlando/Joe Payne photographer
Dinner en Blanc 2021 in Greensboro, photo provided by Dinner en Blanc Orlando/Joe Payne photographer /

For some people, earning an invitation to a coveted guest list is the ultimate reward. While the Michelin Star restaurants call with their impeccable cuisine, those intimate tables are only one type of special dining experience. At Dinner en Blanc Orlando, the City Beautiful shines with a sea of white dinners and proves that the vivid color offers a feast of fancy for all.

While food festivals might fill a weekend with celebrated chefs and copious amounts of tastings, not all food events are quite as robust. Although the number of diners may be many, sometimes the moment seems more intimate. As many chefs have said over the years, food on a shared table is a great connector.

Dinner en Blanc launched in Paris in 1988. Started by François Pasquier, he gathered his friends at a secret location to dine in the view of beauty. While all the guests are dressed in white, this concept is not the white party seen at a club. It is a moment to bring a little culture, delicious food, and spirited conversation to the one day only event.

When is Dinner en Blanc Orlando?

While the Dinner en Blanc concept is held all over the world, the Orlando event will be held on November 12. It is the sixth year that the event has been held. With approximately 1,500 guests, the event is a highlight of the fall. From the perfect date night to a reason to gather friends before the holiday rush, it is always a night to remember.

Although the white dress code might be set in stone, the food on the table is full of creativity. From simple charcuterie boards to lobster and steak to almost anything imaginable, the menus are as diverse as the guests. It is a time to see how and why a food event can bring all types of people together to the table.

For those who may not want to bring their own food, preferred caters have a variety of options on the menu. It can be a convenient option that takes the pressure off guests.

While the date for Dinner en Blanc Orlando is known, the location is not. All will be revealed closer to the event.

To be clear, there are some rules with attending this event. From dressing in elegant, all white attire to bringing a white table and chairs, it does require some planning. Still, the experience is one that many people long to join.