Walmart Thanksgiving baskets roll back prices to pre-inflation levels

Walmart Thanksgiving Baskets priced at pre-inflation levels, photo provided by Walmart
Walmart Thanksgiving Baskets priced at pre-inflation levels, photo provided by Walmart /

While some people might be turning to dining out this Thanksgiving, others do not want to give up the traditional holiday table. From craving grandma’s gravy to getting a second helping of mashed potatoes, the home cooked meal has something familiar, comforting, and satisfying. But, food costs continue to rise, and inflation impacts the grocery budget. This year, the Walmart Thanksgiving baskets are making it easier and less costly to keep those food memories on the table.

In a recent Walmart announcement by John Laney, Executive Vice President, Food, Walmart U.S., the company informed shoppers that it is making a conscious effort to make Thanksgiving more affordable this year. As cost continues to be a driving factor in the weekly food shopping budget, Lancey commented, “we’re removing inflation on an entire basket containing traditional Thanksgiving items.”

According to Walmart, these Thanksgiving basics are rolling back to pre-inflation prices. Specifically, “the price for the same basket of items does not cost more than it did last year.”

Given the tightness of shopping budgets, this gesture during the holiday season should be well-received by many. Since so many common food items are seeing price surges, consumers have had to make hard choices. Long forgotten are the splurge items picked up in a moment of levity.

What are in the Walmart Thanksgiving baskets?

From the turkey to the potatoes to even the pumpkin pie, all the food favorites are included in the Walmart Thanksgiving baskets. While the offer starts ahead of the Thanksgiving celebration, the pricing runs through December 26. Even whole turkeys are under $1/lb. Given Walmart’s presence in the industry, it leveraged its relationships with suppliers to ensure that costs were more affordable, and the shelves would be well stocked.

Even though holiday celebrations continue to evolve, price continues to be a driver. From the small gathering with immediate family to a huge Friendsgiving celebration, the shelves need to hold solutions for all the scenarios.

Walmart Thanksgiving baskets with turkey
Example of Walmart’s Thanksgiving baskets, photo provided by Walmart /

In addition, given that Walmart offerings one stop shopping for a wide array of food, home, and other products, consumers appreciate the convenience. Why go from store to store when the whole list can be completed in a single stop.

Although it might not be on the wish list sent to Santa, the Walmart Thanksgiving baskets might be the holiday food gift that many people are excited to open. Cutting out the inflationary pricing might be the holiday treat that everyone wants this year.

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