Family Kitchen from Main Event Entertainment creates more flavorful fun

Triple Lava Burger, photo provided by Main Event Entertainment,
Triple Lava Burger, photo provided by Main Event Entertainment, /

Families are always looking for ways to spend time together, enjoy a diversion, or otherwise create memories. While those large scale vacations might be periodic, other moments, like the quick day of fun, can often fill the times in between. Whether it is a night of bowling, competing to get a high score on a favorite game, or laughing as someone is not proficient at a game of skill, the laughter leads to a hunger for more. Gathering over food brings back those memories and the new Family Kitchen from Main Event Entertainment is the perfect table to bring both the playfulness and the deliciousness that guests crave.

Similar to theme parks, family entertainment centers are evolving their menus. Long gone are the days of plain pizza and chicken nuggets. Both young and old diners are craving various cuisines, creative dishes, and a bite that lingers in the memory far after leaving the table.

Main Event Entertainment has been that spot where families have gone for fun. From the Saturday celebration for a birthday or an end of a sports season to the Sunday afternoon diversion after a long week, that local family fun center fills the void.

Appreciating that food is part of the entertainment and just as important has the play diversions, the Main Event Entertainment has evolved its restaurant concept into Family Kitchen. With 50 new and unique menu items, the idea was to not just give guests variety up to show both an elevated and playful approach to a diverse menu.

As Chef Wiley Bates III, Director of Culinary Innovation at Main Event Entertainment said, “Family Kitchen was developed with extra care, attention to detail and a focus on premium quality ingredients. We’re excited for our guests to experience our new menu offerings, which have been seasoned with salt, pepper and love, and added playfulness that customers experience throughout the rest of the Main Event center.”

Main Event Entertainment’s Family Kitchen showcases its playful side.

Looking at some of the new menu items, it appeals to a wide range of guests. Some family favorites have a playful twist while other choices are over the top. No matter the craving, there is an option for every appetite.

The PBB&J Burger might be the most talked about option on the menu. The combination of blueberry jam, peanut butter, American cheese and crispy bacon is a sweet and savory delight. The use of blueberry jam is a smart choice because it avoids the flavor from being too sweet. That burst of tart offsets all the richness from the bacon, burger, and cheese.

Main Event Entertainment Triple Lava Burger
Triple Lava Burger, photo provided by Main Event Entertainment, /

For the heartiest of appetites, the Triple Lava Burger will have people not believing their eyes. The triple patty burger is smothered with cheeses. Combined with some caramelized onions, it might need a knife and fork to ensure no spillage.

Other savory items include a crispy chicken sandwich, MEga Pan Pepperoni Pizza and more.

Of course, a great night out should end on a sweet note. The Mini Mason Jar Cheesecakes are that perfect bite. Available in OREO, Caramel Apple, and Chocolate Hazelnut, they offer just the right spoonful to cap off the meal.

Family Kitchen from Main Event Entertainment is available at the brand’s various locations. More information can be found online.

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