Kings Hawaiian is ready to roll home in style this Thanksgiving

King's Hawaiian 'Roll Home in Style' Courses, photo provided by King's Hawaiian
King's Hawaiian 'Roll Home in Style' Courses, photo provided by King's Hawaiian /

The holiday table can often be a feast of fancy. While family recipes might feature traditional flavors, the journey to that table is just as important. This holiday season, King’s Hawaiian wants everyone to roll home in style this Thanksgiving. Ready to unpack the flavor possibilities on the plate?

After too many years of sitting on the couch, many people are ready to pack their bags and celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. Although travel can sometimes be a little hectic, it does not have to be bland and boring. For one special event, King’s Hawaiian is turning the dining car into a flavorful experience.

While the popular food company gave people the opportunity to book a seat on one of these “roll home in style” dining cars, the special experience is more than just sitting at one of the food and travel experiences. It can serve as a taste of what could be served on the home holiday table.

As the number one branded dinner roll in the U.S., King’s Hawaiian has proved that it has a multitude of uses for the home cook. While Guy Fieri has tempted cooks with his creative recipes, that concept is just one option. These rolls can be transformed into a variety of options.

Featured on the roll home in style menu are three dishes that feature the versatility of King’s Hawaiian rolls. The recipes included, a garden salad topped with King’s Hawaiian crouton, Thanksgiving leftovers sandwiched between King’s Hawaiian Rolls, and King’s Hawaiian Pumpkin Bread Pudding.

Looking at these dishes, the concepts show that home cooks should buy at least one extra package for the holiday feast. From appetizers to desserts, there are plenty of ways to ensure that no roll goes to waste.

Even though many people will want a simple roll in the bread basket on the table, the reality is that cooks want to ensure that purchases help to stretch the food dollar. When one food item can be used in many ways, it brings value to the conversation.

More importantly, the single ingredient needs to taste different in each dish. Thinking about the King’s Hawaiian rolls, they can go from savory to sweet. From the simple crouton with a little seasoning or a Panzella salad with herbs to a sweet bread pudding or even a layered trifle, the options are many. It lends itself to culinary creativity.

This holiday season, add a bag of King’s Hawaiian rolls to the list and roll home in style. From over the river and through the woods or jumping on that midnight train home, the favorite dinner roll always delivers with flavor.

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