Tequila Herradura Legend secures its presence as a super premium tequila

Tequila Herradura Legend, photo provided by Tequila Herradura
Tequila Herradura Legend, photo provided by Tequila Herradura /

When a special occasion arises, it deserves a unique beverage to toast the occasion. Although some people have signature cocktail or a preferred spirit, sometimes that option should be replaced by a bottle which is just a little more, elevates the sip, or just adds that touch of sparkle. With the Tequila Herradura Legend, those moments are raised to the next level.

For over 125 years, Tequila Herradura has offered its 100% Agave spirit to tequila enthusiasts. It even introduced the concept of a reposado tequila in 1974. The idea of aging the agave spirit opened the doors to nuanced flavor opportunities. From the barrels used to the method employed, the craftsmanship can be tasted in every sip.

With the Tequila Herradura Legend, the brand ventures into the super-premium category. With the national expansion of this particular expression, the company implores tequila drinkers to see beyond the cocktail and enjoy the beauty of the spirit, simply.

As Jesus Ostos, Brand Director, Tequilas at Brown-Forman. “Tequila Herradura Legend is the perfect centerpiece for consumers looking to instill luxury into life’s extraordinary moments this holiday season.” While this bottle might be perfect for those special clebrations, it is not limited to just the final months of the year. Whenever the moment deserves a spirited toast, this tequila is waiting to be poured.

The Tequila Herradura Legend is meant to be served neat. Recommended to be enjoyed in a flute glass, the rich, golden color catches the eye. It captures the elegance as it twinkles in the light. The color is the first inclination that this special Anejo tequila has been aged with care.

Upon the first sip, the toasted oak flavor is noticeable. With a sweet caramel note and a hint of vanilla, it is welcoming, almost comforting. Even as the touch of spice brings the warmth, it is the balance that makes this tequila special. It invites contemplation sip after sip.

A lovely after dinner drink or a slow sipper, the Tequila Herradura Legend is a welcome addition to the home bar. It is available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $150.