Get Grinchy: Grinch inspired foods that even the mean approves

(Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)
(Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Whether it is Grinch Day or the any day during the holiday season, Grinch inspired foods can bring a little who-tastic flavor to the table. Although the mean one might prefer onions to Roast Beast, the reality is that there are many ways to bring a taste of the Grinch to the table.

For those lucky enough to visit Universal Orlando, Grinch inspired foods are featured throughout the theme park. While Who Hash is always on the menu, some holiday treats are making a special appearance. Do not miss an opportunity to enjoy one of the sweet treats that are Grinch approved.

With The Grinch has taken over ICE! At Gaylord Palms, the chilly display is delighting guests. Although it is not necessarily a particular themed food, the Snow Bar has a delightful cocktail menu. The Green Nog brings the inspired color and can help people warm up after that chilly fun.

The Grinch inspired foods can come to the home kitchen, too. The Cook It! The Dr. Seuss Cookbook for Kid Chefs has 50 recipes that the whole family will enjoy. It might not be the traditional family meal, but it will bring smiles at the table. If one of these recipes gets the kids to eat some more vegetables, it is a win all around.

If Grinch fans want just a taste of the classic character, WHOVILLE Market has a variety of Dr. Seuss themed foods. Options like Grow Your Heart 3 Sizes Grinch Dark Roast Coffee to Roast Beast Sauce could have everyone singing loudly with holiday cheer.

Lastly, the Grinch has returned to the candy aisle. The Hershey Kisses with Grinch Foils are a fun take on the classic candy. From filling Christmas stockings to a stash in the candy bowl, it is a simple way to bring a little extra cheer to the holidays.

These and many other Grinch inspired foods are all around. Just remember, while the Grinch’s heart might have grown three sizes, no one wants their waist line to grow that much.