Tongue Thai’d with Pangina Heals slays with spicy food conversations, exclusive

Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals, photo provided by WOW Presents Plus
Tongue Thai'd with Pangina Heals, photo provided by WOW Presents Plus /

As many people appreciate, the table is the place where food brings people together. Agree, disagree, similar, or different, the reality is that a plate of food invites conversation. It can sometimes get a little heated, but those fiery barbs can clear the air, find common ground, or just produce laughter that cannot be stopped. On the new WOW Presents Plus show Tongue Thai’d with Pangina Heals, the conversation and the food are spicy.

While there are many food television shows on the schedule, each one has a different approach to engage an audience. Whether it is beautiful locales, unusual food, or witty banter, the food fan wants something to capture their attention.

Since many people love to see their favorite personalities in a different light, food television offers the opportunity to peel back the layers and get a little deeper. Just like that kitchen table has people spilling some dark secrets, so can a meal between friends.

On the new WOW Presents Plus show Tongue Thai’d with Pangina Heals, the Drag Race Thailand co-host Pangina Heals invites guests to enjoy an Thai meal. Whether or not her Pagina’s guests are prepared for the heat they are about to eat may not matter. The questions seasoning the conversation have a few people a little hot under the collar.

Set to premiere on December 6, the new food television series features a variety of well-known guests from various RuPaul Drag Race seasons. Guests include: Jujubee (Drag Race S2, All Stars S1), Cheryl Hole (Drag Race UK S1, Drag Race UK vs. The World S1), Ongina (Drag Race S1, All Stars S5), Honey Davenport (Drag Race S11), Maxi Shield (Drag Race Down Under S1), Mark Kanemura (dancer), Jimbo (Canada’s Drag Race S1, Drag Race UK vs. The World S2), Kim Chi (Drag Race S8).

While the show’s premise might sound a little familiar, this version is proudly queer and Thai focused. At the same time, food is a unifier, a common language that can break down barriers. Just because one spicy show gets people to spill those secrets doesn’t mean that there cannot be another empty seat at the table.

For those unfamiliar with Thai food, some of the dishes featured on the series deserve special mention. Featured dishes include: Yum Woo Sen (ground pork, chili peppers, glass noodles), Hoy-Ka Boat Noodle Soup (bean sprouts, rice noodles, marinated beef, red chili), Pad Prik King (chicken, red chili, curry paste, green beans), and Thai Green Curry (green “bird’s eye” chili, fish sauce, thai basil, chicken broth). Although this show is not a fiery competitive eating competition, the bold flavors are not for the timid. For someone’s first foray into spicy Thai food, they might want to have a glass of milk at the ready.

The new Tongue Thai’d with Pangina Heals will debut on December 6, exclusively on WOW Presents Plus.

The guests on her new show might need to take a few words of advice from Pangina Heals. While some people might be good at taking criticisms, the conversation around the table should never be bland. Is that the spice in the Thai food or something else getting things a little heated?