Duff Goldman solves a cookie debate with this Truce Cookie Recipe

Duff Goldman shares his Truce Cookie Recipe, photo provided by Sun-Maid
Duff Goldman shares his Truce Cookie Recipe, photo provided by Sun-Maid /

While Duff Goldman might never shy away from speaking his opinions on the various Food Network baking competitions, he understands that some people might not be quite as willing to make a clear line in the baking pan. Looking for a way to satisfy both the chocolate chip cookie lover and the oatmeal cookie fan, the Truce Cookie Recipe is the best of both worlds.

Everyone can agree that a great cookie is better than a bad one. Putting aside mistakes in cooking techniques and other questionable ingredients, choosing one cookie over another often comes down to personal flavor preferences.

Two classic cookies, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, sometimes have people choosing one over another. But, what if there was a better way to have both, but separately, in a single cookie. Luckily, Duff Goldman has created the Truce Cookie Recipe.

Split down the middle, similar to a Black and White Cookie, this Truce Cookie Recipe has a chocolate chip cookie on one side and an oatmeal raisin cookie on the other side. Created in partnership with Sun-Maid, the recipe proves that cookie lovers can have it all.

Thinking about this special cookie, it makes sense. It is a simple idea and one that is easily accomplished. While there are probably other options where this idea could work, bakers just need to embrace the concept. Why can’t there be an oatmeal raisin with and without nuts. Or, what about an oatmeal raisin with an oatmeal craisini The options are many.

To celebrate Duff Goldman’s tasty Truce Cooke Recipe and National Cookie Day, Sun-Maid is giving away a special cookie kit. More information can be found on the brand’s Instagram page.

For now, the holiday season is about celebrating the merry. With the Truce Cookie Recipe the disagreement is push off the plate and everyone will raise a cookie to a cheerful season.