Grubhub 2022 top food order of the year wrapped up all the flavors

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(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images) /

Whether it is a late night or an early morning hunger, the Grubhub 2022 top food order might be the most versatile menu item that people crave. No matter the flavors that are wrapped up tightly, everyone is taking a big bite. How many of these food orders did you make?

In the 2022 Delivered, Grubhub revealed tasty details on all the items that people ordered via the service. While everyone is curious to know what the top food was, there is an overall theme.

It seems that people are hungry for layers. Whether it is topping one item over another or just the satisfaction of putting a fork through that towering item, 2022 was all about life in layers. From savory to sweet, food is far from one dimensional.

Although not a stacked, layered dish, the Grubhub 2022 top food order was the burrito. In 2021, the burrito was down towards the bottom of the top 10 at 8. Now, it is the crowning winner with 4 million orders throughout the year.

While many people can speculate why the burrito earned the top spot, the versatility that this food item offers might be key. From breakfast to dinner to even dessert, the burrito is stuffed full of flavor. Even if people choose a different type of tortilla, the concept remains the same. The burrito has wrapped with the honors as the Grubhub 2022 top food order.

To celebrate the favorite burrito, Grubhub has partnered with Chipotle to offer $5 off $20 or more orders. This offer is available for Grubhub+ members through December 21. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout. It can be redeemed once per day via the app.

What do you think of the burrito being the top food order? How many burritos did you order this year?