Holiday movie nights: Must-have movie-themed holiday snacks

Popcorn and other must-have movie-watching treats are seen in the movie theme room at the 2022 Christmas Fantasy House.Mjs Fantasy House 2
Popcorn and other must-have movie-watching treats are seen in the movie theme room at the 2022 Christmas Fantasy House.Mjs Fantasy House 2 /

Holiday snacks and holiday movies go hand in hand. Nothing captures the season’s spirits better than binging on the classic, all-time favorite films with your loved ones while you munch on Christmassy bites. But they can’t be just your average snacks that you would usually eat. When it’s a holiday movie night, you need the perfect pairing. And what better than to dish out the iconic snacks from those movies? From Kevin McCallister’s all-cheese pizza to Die Hard’s Twinkies, here are some of the most memorable nibbles as seen on the silver screen.

Perfect holiday snacks for the perfect holiday movies

Christmas pudding: A Christmas Carol

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There have been many cinematic renditions of Charles Dickens’s novel but the Cratchit family’s “speckled cannon ball” pudding (and the goose) is one of the few elements that have never changed. The poor but loving family seem to find little joy in their humble celebration of the festival, gathering around the fire and savoring whatever little they could put together. Fix yourself an old-fashioned Christmas pudding or buy one, made with dried fruits and nuts and enjoy this classic holiday movie.

Cheese Pizza: Home Alone

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Home Alone is an iconic holiday movie, even a tradition for many. But what’s most memorable, besides all of Kevin’s shenanigans and adventures, is his undying love for a cheese pizza. The little McCallister sure knows what’s a perfect movie-time snack. So, whether you are home alone or not, order yourself an all-cheese pizza and catch this first installment of the all-time great Christmas flick. Because the sequel also has its own favorite snack.

The Lazy Sundae: Home Alone 2

Sundaes are not desserts; they are like Christmas in your mouth. Ask Kevin McCallister why. When he ends up all alone at New York’s Plaza Hotel, he orders this massive, all-inclusive, multi-scoop sundae and watches his favorite movie. And so can you! Take a few scoops of assorted ice cream, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, M&M’s, brownie bits, chocolate, caramel, and raspberry sauce, and a generous dash of sprinkles. You wouldn’t need a meal after this.

Hot chocolate: The Polar Express

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This animated fantasy holiday film is essentially about discovering the true meaning of Christmas. But somehow hot chocolate has found a connection to The Polar Express. The scene where the stewards and the conductor break into an exciting dance routine and serve the children on board a steaming cup of cocoa is sure to put a smile on your face. Keep a mug of hot chocolate handy when you watch this movie. Don’t miss the marshmallows.

Chocolate biscuits: Love Actually

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If you have seen and loved Love Actually, you wouldn’t miss Hugh Grant’s David craving a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits and how his lovely secretary happily obliges the handsome prime minister. Popularly called Prime Minister’s chocolate biscuits, they are like thinner chocolate cookies with dark or white chocolate drizzles. If you are watching this beautiful movie this holiday, then try this traditional English snack and a warm cup of your favorite tea.

Chocolate ice cream with coconut: It’s A Wonderful Life

Here’s another ice cream that you can savor as a movie-time snack. This is one of the most heartwarming Christmas movies of all time, with a deeper meaning. But somehow, you cannot miss George and Mary as kids and how they bond over a scoop of chocolate ice cream with coconuts. Mary might not like them but a spoonful of coconut flakes or chips on a scoop of ice cream could make for one of the best holiday snacks.

Twinkies: Die Hard

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /

There’s no argument that Die Hard is a holiday movie and captures the holiday spirit in a very different way. While this movie has no food scene, it sure made Twinkies the star. After all, the creamy sponge cake became a bonding element for John McClane and Sergeant Al Powell as they deal with a hostage situation. That’s the power of twinkies. You can get a bagful from the store or try these homemade versions. Either way, they are the perfect snack for this modern holiday classic.

Now, get your watch list ready, cozy up on the couch with these movie-themed holiday snacks, and have yourself a merry little Christmas.