Ritz Crackers: The welcoming, versatile taste that connects across flavors

Ritz Crackers, A Tasto of Welcome cookbook, photo by Cristine Struble
Ritz Crackers, A Tasto of Welcome cookbook, photo by Cristine Struble /

Some foods are always on the pantry shelf. Whether it is a quick bite, an easy appetizer, or just because, that food seems to deliver more than just a satisfying taste. The familiar fills a void when nothing else can. For many people, Ritz Crackers are that food and in the cookbook, A Taste of Welcome, the versatility that the classic cracker offers is a story that needs to be shared.

From the cracker that adds a little buttery note to a soup to the only way to enjoy the King of Clubs Cheese from the Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there are too many ways to enjoy the classic cracker.

While the simplicity of the classic is always on display, the special cookbook A Taste of Welcome, a Celebration of Food and Culture from Ritz Crackers and Bon Appetit showcases that how the familiar can be transformed into a bounty of flavorful recipes. From savory to sweet, it might be time to purchase the Costco sized box for all the recipes.

As stated in the book’s foreword, Marcus Samuelsson shares how the stories told in the kitchen are the connection that satisfy beyond the table. Whether the recipe is a family archive, a moment in time, or a memory from a journey long ago, the reality is that one bite can and does speak volumes.

While Samuelsson asserts that every culture might have a spread or a dip, it is more than just the celebration of heritage. Discovering that bridge between food and culture is vital to better understanding each other. As seen in this cookbook, the family time is often flavored with food and what better way to celebrate then with a classic, like Ritz Crackers.

Ritz Crackers A Taste of Welcome Cookbook
Ritz Crackers, A Tasto of Welcome cookbook, photo by Cristine Struble /

What are some flavorful ways to use Ritz Crackers to celebrate family and culture?

In A Taste of Welcome, the recipes vary from simple appetizers to an impressive potato, sausage, and leek galette with RITZ Cracker crust, the cookbook is adaptable for the newbie cook to the experienced chef. While the flavors from each recipe might be different from the ones in others’ spice cabinet, there is a common thread.

As seen in the families’ stories, it is the memories, traditions, and culture that make not only enjoying but also sharing these dishes so important. Gathering around the dish, sharing laughter, and being in the moment is the nourishment that lasts long after the final crumb is eaten.

While many people will use this cookbook as recipe inspiration, it could encourage others to pen their own creations. Why not create a special dish, attach it to a box of Ritz Crackers, and share it with others. It could be a way to spread a little joy every day, not just special occasions.

When that box of Ritz Crackers stares back at you from the pantry, think about all the possibilities that the sleeve holds. It could be time to roll into some new deliciousness.