Tabitha Brown’s third Target collection focuses on mind, body and soul

Tabitha Brown third Target collection, photo provided by Target
Tabitha Brown third Target collection, photo provided by Target /

The new year, new you mantra is in full effect with the third Tabitha Brown for Target collection. While people have come to expect the vibrant hues and thoughtfully curated items, it is more than just another addition to the plethora of kitchen essentials. This Target collection focuses on nourishing the mind, body, and soul.

Many people appreciate that Tabitha Brown changed how, what, and why people approach the vegan lifestyle. Although some people might use veganuary as a jumping off point to explore these food choices, the bounty of flavors can be exciting. Brown has proven that these food parameters are less about limitations and more about possibilities.

In the newest Tabitha Brown Target collection, one word guides all the offerings, nourishment. Although deprivation might be the underlying sentiment in some New Year’s resolutions, this concept is about giving more, appreciating it all, and living a full life.

Speaking to her third Target collection, Brown said, “My goal for this third collection is to deliver Tab-approved vegan food options that taste good and feel good for the soul, and entertaining tools and essentials to help spread the love during mealtime with loved ones. I want to encourage y’all to be more intentional with what you feed your body so you can go on and shine your way. Set your table, set your intentions.”

That willingness to shine adds a vibrancy not just to the colors in the collection but also to the flavors in the vegan food offerings. While spark joy might be an overused concept, it is clear that there is a mindfulness in this curated offering.

The abundance of offerings ensure that everyone will find something to capture their interest, and the collection’s price tag is equally as intriguing. Many of the items are under $10. Given the continued conversation over food costs and conscious spending, this choice makes it approachable for a larger group of shoppers.

Tabitha Brown Target collection kicks off new year
Target previews the third Tabitha Brown collection that includes vegan food, kitchen essentials and more /

Some highlights from the third Tabitha Brown Target Collection include: vegan dips and spread, meat-less proteins, food storage, kitchen essentials, and kitchen décor. The breadth of the line shows how brands need to be all encompassing. It less about a total kitchen makeover and more about small, thoughtful additions.

Nourishment often supports growth. When the mind, body, and spirit have healthy, uplifting sources to stand behind their choices, the possibilities are many. The third Tabitha Brown Target Collection is here to offer that boost and help others resolve to be their best selves.

The new collection hits Target stores on January 8. Items can be purchased in store and online, while supplies last.

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