Insomnia Cookies adds its most irresistible, dreamiest dessert for the new year

Insomnia Cookies adds brownies and brookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies adds brownies and brookies, photo provided by Insomnia Cookies /

When that craving hits, it needs to be satisfied. Instead of resolving to push all the desserts off the plate, why not indulge in the ones that deliver the biggest flavor. Insomnia Cookies is baking new treats and they are the ultimate food mash-up.

Whether it is a student in need of a late-night study break or anyone in need of a little extra sweetness to the day, Insomnia Cookies delivers with delicious flavors. For anyone who wants that treat but does not want to deal with all the baking, the easy answer is to place the bakery order and welcome the delivery at the door.

Although many people have their favorite cookie, the special, limited time offerings can have people putting that new menu item on the must try list. It might not push the classic off its perch, but the new flavor brings the excitement that makes it permissive to have dessert.

What are the new Insomnia Cookies desserts?

Joining the Insomnia Cookies menu for the new year are Chocolate Chunk Brookie, Chocolate Chunk Blondie, and Chocolate Chip Brownie. Offering the best of a brownie and a cookie, these desserts are the ultimate indulgence. From milk, cup of coffee, or maybe that espresso martini, consider a beverage or two to pair with these rich desserts.

The Chocolate Chunk Brookie is the classic offering. Half cookie, half brownie, the combination is double the deliciousness. When indecisiveness hits, this offering is the perfect choice.

For those who want a little less chocolate but will not compromise on the flavor, the Chocolate Chunk Blondie is a perfect choice. The vanilla forward flavor studded with chocolate chunks hits the right balance.

While some people want a little less chocolate, others want it all. The Chocolate Chip Brownie has all the chocolate mixed into the batter. It is fudgy to the extreme. Just make sure to have a few napkins for those sticky fingers.

Lastly, the Loaded Brownie is the ultimate dessert. Guests can choose their dessert base, brownie, blondie, or brookie, and then top it with cookie butter, cream cheese frosting, buttercream and other toppings. It is over the top and everyone will want it.

The special Insomnia Cookies offerings are available now at participating locations. Check with stores for ordering and pricing.