BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts convey the perfect love message

BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Ferrera
BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Ferrera /

While “be mine” sentiments and love connections might be forever, sometimes those traditional messages are a little simplistic. This year, it is time to convey deeply moving feelings like “UR MY LBSTR” with the BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts.

During grade school, many people can remember how those little conversation hearts were the way to tell someone that they made your heart swoon. Although Valentine’s Day might have become an over the top celebration as people age, that simple word or two gets to the heart of the matter. When you are sweet on someone, it just makes you smile.

That conversation hearts tradition has become part of many people’s celebrations. Even if there are more decadent truffles on the market, the reality is that some classic candies are always en vogue. This year, the traditional sayings are getting a twist thanks to everyone’s favorite sitcom, FRIENDS.

The new BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts feature some iconic sayings from the favorite show. From “UR MY LBSTR” to “MOO POINT,” those few words will bring smiles all around. Although it might be best to think twice about giving the “ON A BREAK” heart in the heat of the moment, this special candy offering will be a huge hit this Valentine’s Day.

According to Chad Womack, Director of BRACH’S Seasonal Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company,” BRACH’S Conversation Hearts and FRIENDS are both cultural symbols that have been beloved for generations, so this collaboration felt like a natural fit. BRACH’S Conversation Hearts embody all that is special about Valentine’s Day, giving fans a meaningful way to connect through short, sweet messages. We’re proud to own that tradition each year and are excited to bring people together by offering this twist on our classic hearts inspired by one of the most iconic pop culture representations of friendships–FRIENDS.”

The new BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts have updated flavors, too. The flavors are Watermelon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Cherry and Orange. While some people enjoy these candies on their own, the flavors can lend themselves to creative Valentine’s Day food idea.

A simple idea is to use the conversation hearts as a decoration on a cake, cupcake or other dessert. They can also top a waffle or pancake for that romantic breakfast in bed.

Another option can be used to float these candies in a cocktail. Even a heart or two in a sparkling wine can be a fun garnish. And, if there are any broken candies, consider pulsing them in a spice or coffee grinder for a sugar rim.

The new BRACH’S FRIENDS Conversation Hearts will be available at various retailers and more information can be found on the brand’s website.