Post unveils two Disney cereals to celebrate Disney100

Post adds two Disney cereals to celebrate Disney100, photo provided by Post Consumer Products
Post adds two Disney cereals to celebrate Disney100, photo provided by Post Consumer Products /

As Disney100 begins its highly anticipated celebration, Post recently unveiled two Disney cereals that will have fans enjoying some sweet magic in their breakfast bowl. From Mickey shaped bites to confetti cake flavor, these two special food offerings capture the Disney spirit in every bite.

For many people, Disney, its characters, and stories have been part of their lives. Whether it is the magical world seen on the screen or the pixie dust filling the air at one of the theme parks, the iconic brand is and will continue to be part of pop culture.

Throughout the Disney100 celebration, numerous brands will be celebrating the Disney spirit. While the Walt Disney World 50th celebration might be coming to a close, this subsequent event continues the magic and wonder that people crave. Even if wishing on a star might sound a little cliché, there are times when that willingness to believe in a little spark that anything is possible is the happy that people need.

Post is joining the Disney100 celebration with two Disney cereals. Whether people choose based on the connection, the flavor, or something else, it seems likely that these boxes will fly off store shelves.

According to Logan Sohn, Senior Brand Manager at Post Consumer Brands, “Post Consumer Brands is honored to join in the celebration of Disney100 alongside other manufacturers creating unique offerings this year. We are inspired by Disney and the wonder they’ve unlocked for consumers over the past 100 years, and we hope these themed cereal offerings help bring the celebration to life at the breakfast table.”

Disney cereals from Post for Disney100
Post adds two Disney cereals to celebrate Disney100, photo provided by Post Consumer Products /

The two Disney cereals are a fruity cereal that is shaped like Mickey Mouse and a confetti cake flavored cereal. First, the confetti cake cereal is a flavor that captures a popular food trend. That sweet, celebratory flavor is more than just a dessert option. It has taken over the food conversation on many levels.

The one of a kind Mickey Mouse shaped cereal is another must try. Although the fruity flavor will appeal to many people, it is the shape that is the bigger draw. Just like having that ice cream, pretzel, or other food item at a Disney theme park, these type of offerings are iconic. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a little extra magic in the bowl.

In addition to the two Disney cereals on store shelves, Post will be offering a special edition Mickey Mouse themed collector’s metal tin of the confetti cake cereal. This unique offering will honor “Post and Disney’s first collaboration on Post Toasties cereal in 1934.” The collector’s item will retail for $40. More information will be revealed on Post’s Instagram account and the special limited edition metal tin will be sold exclusively at Walmart.

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Ready to celebrate Disney100 with Post and two Disney cereals. Shouldn’t every day have a little sprinkling of Disney magic?