Meghan Trainor says a versatile base makes for creative recipes, interview

Meghan Trainor for Quaker Rice Cakes, photo provided by Quaker
Meghan Trainor for Quaker Rice Cakes, photo provided by Quaker /

While she might have sung about “that base,” Meghan Trainor is far from a one-hit wonder. The popular entertainer has made her mark on pop culture. Now, the busy mom is joining forces with Quaker Rice Cakes to show that a versatile base makes all the flavors pop.

A well-stocked pantry offers a plethora of options. Sometimes having an ingredient that can go from savory to sweet and back again keeps food boredom at bay. It can be as simple as seeing a classic, favorite food in a new light.

Recently, Meghan Trainor partnered with Quaker Rice Cakes to showcase simple, flavorful recipes that transform those classic snacks. In quick, easy to follow TikTok videos, the food ideas are ones that could become the next big hit.

As part of the brand partnership, Trainor spoke to FoodSided about her favorite rice cake flavors, pregnancy cravings, and life as a mom. Since many people are looking for snack options that are versatile yet fit into a balanced lifestyle, Quaker Rice Cakes can be that options. Although this writer might have lacked creativity with her youthful experimentation with the ingredient, Trainor has a different opinion.

Meghan Trainor tops her Quaker Rice Cakes
Meghan Trainor tops her Quaker Rice Cakes with some flavorful ingredients, photo provided by Quaker /

Trainor said, “my mom always had snacks in the house and rice cakes were one that were always around. I liked the cheddar cheese ones and the caramel ones felt like dessert. This partnership with Quaker Rice Cakes is such a great idea because it can be that perfect base, and I’m all about the base.”

She continued, “as everyone sees my TikTok recipes, they will see the creativity available.” From an avocado toast to a peanut butter and banana option, there are so many ways that these rice cakes can be transformed. And, everyone is encouraged to share their own ideas on social media.

Trainor is a huge fan of TikTok and its snackable video content. She thinks that this collaboration will be a great way for everyone to discover some new easy, family friendly recipes.

Even though the Quaker Rice Cakes can be topped with all types of ingredients, Trainor said that she often brings a package in the car. Currently in her second pregnancy, she admitted that she can get car sick and the Quaker Rice Cakes are an easy way to make her feel better.

Although that quick bite is convenient, Trainor has found that her second pregnancy cravings have been a little different. She shared that usually she prefers salty snacks, but recently her cravings have been sweet. The caramel Quaker Rice Cakes have been her go-to food item. Even though her second pregnancy feels different than her first one, she is excited about what is to come.

With a second child coming into the family, she understands that life is about balance and that applies to food choices, too. Trainor admitted that her son Riley is a picky eater. She is trying to get him to eat some different foods. She admitted “I wish that they taught nutrition in school.” Right now, she is all about showing her son first the yummy chicken, then some fries.

While there are ups and downs in every day, Trainor believes that “moms are superheroes in their own way.” No matter how that base of Quaker Rice Cakes is topped, there is a tasty flavor waiting to be discovered. A little creativity in the kitchen is always a good idea. That next creation could be a hit that stays on the top of the food chart for a long time.