Smashburger S’mac & Cheese Burger is the ultimate comfort food on and off the table

Smashburger S'Mac & Cheese Burger, photo provided by Smashburger
Smashburger S'Mac & Cheese Burger, photo provided by Smashburger /

While many people appreciate that satisfying a particular craving can be comforting. Although it might not be a warm hug or that snuggle at the end of the night, there is something fulfilling, soothing, gratifying about enjoying that eating enjoyment. With the new Smashburger S’mac & Cheese Burger, the popular fast casual restaurant wants the comfort feeling to extend both on and off the table.

Many people have a favorite menu item at various restaurants. While that old standby is always a tasty choice, many people look to menu innovations to make that next visit. It is the enticement to go out of their way to get in the car and make a purchase.

At Smashburger, the fast casual restaurant is known for its “better burgers.” That “smashing technique” is known for sealing in the big, bold flavors that guests have come to expect. While there are plenty of ways to top that burger, the newest menu innovation combines two favorite comfort foods into a single bite.

According to Carl Bachmann, President at Smashburger, “For this dish, we’re using our proprietary smashing technique to smash the mac and cheese on the grill to create a crispy and flavorful baked cheese layer before adding it to the burger. It’s something we’ve never seen done before and know our guests will love it as much as we do!”

Smashburger S'mac and Cheese Burger
Smashburger S’Mac & Cheese Burger, photo provided by Smashburger /

The new Smashburger S’mac and Cheese Burger is a big, luscious, creamy bite. The Certified Angus Beef patty is topped with American cheese and a layer of S’mac and Cheese. The whole dish is sandwiched in between a toasted artisan bun.

While many people will want that burger and mac and cheese combination, the S’mac and Cheese layer can be added to any of the Smashburger menu items, including the returning Scorchin’ Chicken Sandwich.

Smashburger macaroni-shaped body pillows
Smashburger macaroni-shaped body pillows, photo provided by Smashburger /

To celebrate the new menu item, Smashburger is giving away limited-edition macaroni-shaped body pillow. As seen on the brand’s Instagram page, the special body pillow offers a comforting snuggle whenever and wherever people need it. Complete details on how to enter and potentially win this body pillow can be found on the brand’s social media account and online.

Ready to settle in and feel the creamy, delicious, comfort food flavor? Head to Smashburger for that taste of its S’mac and Cheese. It might not be what grandma made, but the food will make you smile.