Tournament of Champions Season 4 premiere: Randomizer spins a new twist

Host Guy Fieri with the Randomizer for Battle 4, East B Matchup 6, as seen on Tournament of Champions, Season 4.
Host Guy Fieri with the Randomizer for Battle 4, East B Matchup 6, as seen on Tournament of Champions, Season 4. /

With 32 chefs looking to win this season’s belt, the popular Food Network show led by Guy Fieri wants to keep everyone on their toes. Although the chefs might have studied the ingredients, kitchen tools, and cooking styles from previous seasons, the randomizer continues to be the great equalizer in this competition. In the Tournament of Champions Season 4 premiere, a new category has everyone questioning are you lucky or is the fate already spun.

After the East and West bracket battles were revealed, the chefs seemed to feel comfortable and prepared to enter the kitchen. While some people might have thought that upsets were waiting to happen, others were excited to see new faces entering the kitchen. Although all of these chefs have culinary competition experience, some situations are more favorable than others.

As the first battle is announced, Jose Garces versus Kelsey Barnard Clark, new rules have come to the popular Food Network competition show. In the Tournament of Champions Season 4 premiere, it was announced that all first round battles would be 30 minutes.

While that caveat makes for an even playing field, it may not impact this round. With these chefs, everyone should be able to create a great dish in 30 minutes. No one should have that misstep like previous seasons where food did not make the pass.

The bigger reveal for the Tournament of Champions Season 4 premiere was that the Randomizer has a new category. The Wild Card category could give one chef an advantage or it could just lead people to speculate on the “luck” of the competition.

For the first round, the Wild Card category had a re-spin. Whether it was lower seed, higher seed, or Guy’s re-spin, one category could get a do-over. It is unclear if a chef can choose not to re-spin. That scenario has not happened (yet).

Looking at the re-spin option, only one of the first round battles benefited from that twist. The other battles remained the same. It was almost as if it was destined to stay on that particular choice. Call it luck of the wheel or something else, many people will wonder if this Tournament of Champions Season 4 change will truly impact the competition.

Overall, the four first round battles were not shocking. While some people might call a lower seed beating a higher seed an upset, Food Network fans might not see it the same way. Did anyone really think that Kelsey Barnard Clark would take down a returning Iron Chef? Kelsey is an amazing chef and deserves better than these hard first round battles.

The same can be said about the Jet Tila battle. While there have been some number one seeds booted in round one, it seemed highly unlikely that Jet would be gone in this battle. Granted, venison might not have been in his wheelhouse, but the well-experienced chef knows how to play the game.

While some people might be happy that Brian Malarkey will not go deep into the competition, the next round battle of Jet Tila versus Lee Anne Wong is one that many people would want to see. Just like a March Madness bracket, the seeds might not always be perfect.

Lastly, it was sad to see Graham Elliot leave in the first round. Although he has been a great judge on my culinary competitions, the storyline with Eric Adjepong getting revenge for that Top Chef dismissal is one that seemed destined.

In the Tournament of Champions Season 4 premiere, the Randomizer change was the only twist that some people might not have seen coming. Otherwise, it seems unlikely that people’s brackets are totally busted with this episode.

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