Rob Lowe believes his holistic approach leads to smarter food choices, interview

Rob Lowe for Atkins, photo provided by Atkins
Rob Lowe for Atkins, photo provided by Atkins /

While many people know Rob Lowe from his movies and television shows, the celebrated entertainer understands that his daily choices impact how he feels. As a long time Aktins lifestyle follower, Lowe appreciates that choices allow him to stay grounded in those food decisions. Luckily when that sweet craving hits, there are plenty of options to enjoy.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Rob Lowe regarding a variety of topics. With a current season of 9-1-1 Lonestar being filmed, the busy actor appreciates that he needs to keep his energy levels up for that packed schedule. One food commitment that started this year is cutting out refined sugars. Although that choice might have left his beloved milkshakes off the table, he appreciates that the difference both mentally and physically is worth the willpower.

While he might personally be driven to put down that ice cream scoop, Lowe recognized that having a support system around him is vital to keeping on that healthy eating track. Lowe said, “when I have the support, it’s so much easier.” He appreciates that his wife also follows a healthy eating lifestyle, but she “has a more radical sweet tooth” than he does. So, when her ice cream pint finds its way to the fridge, it can be hard.

Rob Lowe for Atkins
Rob Lowe for Atkins, photo provided by Atkins /

Still, Lowe shared that he has a wide-reaching support base. From text message chains with family to other friends following the same choices, being able to lean on others who are in the process of cutting out refined sugars is helpful. At the same time, Lowe takes everything one day at a time. Sticking with it is a choice and some days are easier than others.

By cutting out those refined sugars, Lowe has found that he has stopped craving them. Although he admitted that he used to want to drink a cola on a hot day, now the appeal is not as prevalent. Whether it is a type of detox or appreciating the difference in how he feels and looks, Lowe understands that some things are off the table. But, he has found other alternatives that worth within his lifestyle choices.

For example, when he wants to have a treat, Lowe turns to the Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups. With just 1g net carbs and 0g sugar, the candy is reminiscent of other classic treats yet fits within his lifestyle choices.

Specifically, Lowe said “if I didn’t have this cheat, not that it is even a cheat, I wouldn’t be able to do it. These options offer the same satisfaction.” Having the options is key for him and it is a sentiment that many people can appreciate.

While everyone can understand that healthy eating and balanced food choices are important, eating food has to be enjoyable. For Lowe, he said, “it is 100% flavor first. I love textures and eating exotic foods. I don’t know where I got my palette from, I’m Midwestern.”

Although he admitted that he can travel the world with his family and enjoy a plethora of options, it comes down to enjoying food that satisfies. Lowe said, “at the end of the day I want to feel like I’m not hungry, but I also do not want to feel like I have to take a nap.”

Overall, Lowe believes in a holistic approach to his lifestyle. Whether it is getting enough sleep to balanced eating, those components combined with some alone time and other diversions help keep him grounded.

And, having an occasional Aktins Endulge treat doesn’t hurt either. Maybe that treat could be paired with some downtime while watching Rob Lowe in a new episode of 9-1-1 Lonestar.