Lisa Ann Walter and Fiber One encourage people to get back on track, interview

Lisa Ann Walter for Fiber One Fall Off Forgiveness Campaign, photo provided by Fiber One
Lisa Ann Walter for Fiber One Fall Off Forgiveness Campaign, photo provided by Fiber One /

Whether it is the beginning of the year or an upcoming event, some people resolve to make changes in their eating habits. Although the intentions might be good, the reality is that the straight and narrow path can have some bumps in the road. Lisa Ann Walter and Fiber One want to encourage everyone to forgive themselves when that commitment waivers.

In the new Fiber One campaign, Lisa Ann Walter, who many enjoy watching in the huge hit Abbot Elementary, is reminding everyone to give themselves a little grace when it comes to those food resolutions. While Fiber One reports that about ¾ of Americans have fallen off their health and wellness resolutions at one time or another, the reality is that the “reset button” can be a good thing.

The “Fall Off Forgiveness” program puts a little humor into that food indulgence. Sometimes saying yes to that slice of office birthday cake is not the end of the world.

Ahead of this campaign launch, FoodSided spoke to Lisa Ann Walter about her Fiber One partnership. Specifically, she appreciated the humor in the campaign and its point of view. The play off the insurance commercial theme was relatable. More importantly, the concept is one that she understood.

While Walter had a hand in the Oxygen show, “Dance Your Ass Off,” she admitted that she has “been trying to lose those same 10 pounds for years.” But, she feels that people’s perceptions towards body image and their approach to food has evolved.

Walter said “younger generations are so much smarter about their body image.” As people move away from the concept of having to be overly restrictive on food choices, Walter believes that the people can and will embrace this idea that life is full of ups, downs, and in betweens. This campaign might have humor in the parody, but the message is rooted in reality.

Referencing her Italian and French heritage, Walter said, “I can’t live without enjoying food.” Her approach to life is focusing on “healthier” eating. From getting more vegetables to the portion size, it is about finding that balance. In some ways, this Fall Off Forgiveness program embraces that balance. One side step into the dessert lane does not mean that a person cannot regroup.

In addition, Walter has even found that sometimes having options that satisfy a particular craving came make the journey more enjoyable. Maybe when that brownie sounds too good to pass up, the Fiber One option is a sweet alternative. It can be time to put away that all or nothing approach and learn to appreciate the compromise.

Walter wants people to see that the all or nothing concept is not the focus. It is about having and enjoying all the options on the table. While she enjoys a Fiber One bar many times, she does not deny herself another dessert on certain occasions. Giving yourself the grace to say, it is ok to eat that candy or cookie is important.

Lisa Ann Walker for Fiber One
Lisa Ann Walter for Fiber One Fall Off Forgiveness Campaign, photo provided by Fiber One /

Going onto explain, Walter brought up the food description evolution away from the good or bad food labeling. As she said a popular phrase, ”everything in moderation, including moderation.” that simple concept needs to be brought back en vogue. Walter expressed, “enjoy something when you have it, it might be a piece of cake today because you went to a party, so it might be a steak and a piece of cake. And then tomorrow you get back on the horse and for your treat, you have a Fiber One protein bar.” Enjoying food and eating does not need to fit into strict categories.

As a celebrity, the glare of the spotlight can put extra emphasis on women and their appearance. Walter has found a way to be confident in herself and happy that the current culture embraces all women. She might not feel as much pressure because the inclusivity is front and center in the images that people see. In some ways, Walter believes that willingness to accept and celebrate women whether tall, short, skinny or fuller is a cultural change that is good for all people.

Walter shared the following story that resonated with this writer and might strike a chord with others. She said, “It’s OK to have an appetite and it’s OK to take up space literal space. I always make this joke that who that came up with the size zero. It had to be Hollywood. Right? But who thought of that? Who said that you know what I’d love to be today? Nothing. I’d love to disappear, if that’s possible. And it’s OK if that’s if you’re naturally built that way, too.” These comments are a wonderful reminder that a number is not a reflection of who a person is or who she can be. It is just a number on a label.

As Walter said, “It’s beautiful to be good, healthy, keep your body moving, eat the food that is going to feed you nutritionally and also feed your soul.” Whether one day that bite is a forkful of greens and the next day a spoonful of ice cream, it is permissible to have both options in life. While Fiber One might be offering Fall Off Forgiveness, the bigger meaning might be finding a serving of grace on life’s bountiful menu. It could be the ingredient that can make every other bite a little more flavorful.

For more information on the Fiber One Fall Off Forgiveness program can be found online.

Lisa Ann Walter can be seen on the current season of Abbot Elementary, which airs on ABC.