It’s Dairy Queen free cone day and there’s more to that soft-serve than you realize

Dairy Queen free done day is March 20, photo provided by Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen free done day is March 20, photo provided by Dairy Queen /

March 20 is Dairy Queen free cone day. While many people will run to get that free soft serve at their participating DQ location, that iconic soft serve is more than just another frozen treat. Even though people can debate over how to enjoy that dessert, it could be time to impress your friends with some tasty food facts.

Before diving into some DQ intricacies, Dairy Queen free cone day is celebrated on the first day of Spring, March 20. At participating locations, guests can get one free small soft-serve cone. It is available while supplies last. It is limited to one free cone per person.

Although some people are obsessed over the new churro dipped cone, there is a secret under that sweet topping. The food recipe for the iconic soft serve is closely guarded secret. Similar to other infamous brand and restaurant recipes, the exact formulation is kept under lock and key.

For those who are wondering why the soft-serve is not called ice cream, the reason goes back to that recipe. Since the soft-serve only contains 5% butterfat, it does not reach the 10% butterfat level required to be labeled ice cream. Take a look at some other frozen dessert brands in the freezer and a similar name difference will be found, too.

While that Blizzard might always be served upside down as part of the tradition, the Dairy Queen soft serve has a unique characteristic, too. That swirl on top is part of the DQ legend. Although it can be difficult to master, it is always part of the serving method. It might be time to snap a picture on Dairy Queen free cone day to mark the occasion.

Whether the love of the Blizzard or the promise of free soft serve has people celebrating the first day of spring, it might be busy at the local DQ today. But, the promise of sunny days and warmer weather is around the corner.