Ruffles partners with Fast X to rev its engines to celebrate individuality

Ruffles and Fast X collaboration promotion, photo provided by Ruffles
Ruffles and Fast X collaboration promotion, photo provided by Ruffles /

Whether fans can recite the lines by heart or have only recently been introduced to the Fast and Furious family, the upcoming Fast X movie will have many people excited to see it opening weekend. Even though the Fast and Furious characters often rely on each other to succeed, their individuality is always part of the conversation. With this partnership with Ruffles, the Fast X community can celebrate those ridges in many ways.

Hitting store shelves, Ruffles specially marked Fast X packages offer a chance to win a variety of prizes. Although many people can picture themselves driving away in that Dodge Charger, it does not guarantee that Dom Toretto driving skills.

After coming off the recent chip deal athlete deal with Charles Barkley, the Frito-Lay snack brand shows how it is part of the pop culture conversation. While those athletes might drive to the basket celebrating their ridges, this partnership has others speeding ahead to showcase their individuality.

Speaking to this partnership, Stacy Taffet, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America, said, “Ruffles is all about having confidence in your personal ridges – everything that makes you who you are. The Fast Saga has long symbolized that same pride in individuality, so we knew Ruffles snackers would be excited to experience Fast X with us beyond the big screen.”

As seen with the special packaging, each flavor celebrates the various characters’ vehicles. Whether it is the Ruffles Honey Habanero or the classic potato chip, flavor preference can be as much of an individual statement as the car people drive. Even the Fast Saga characters may not be driving behind the wheel, there are many moments to celebrate that individuality.

More information on this partnership can be found online at Fast X will come to theaters on May 19, 2023.