HelloFresh and its Guardians Snack Adventure kit blasts off with big flavors

Guardians Snack Adventure Kit from HelloFresh, photo provided by HelloFresh
Guardians Snack Adventure Kit from HelloFresh, photo provided by HelloFresh /

Enticing kids of all ages to enjoy some healthy eating or balanced food choices can sometimes seem like a superhero feat. Although that grab and go bite is easy, there are options that can boost the nutritional value in that simple snack. With the HelloFresh Guardians Snack Adventure kit, a flavor journey is about to begin, and it is time to rewind the whining on healthy eating snacks.

Food brands often find ways to collaborate with well-known characters ahead of a big premiere or movie. While the special offering builds excitement about the launch, it is more than just driving views. Often that food offering entices fans to expand their ingredient choices.

Marvel fans are quite loyal, and Guardians of the Galaxy is a huge draw. A great example is the Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy ride, Cosmic Rewind. It is one of the most popular rides across Disney Parks.

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming to theaters on May 5, people are hungry for more adventures from Star Lord and the always verbose Groot. Even though that movie runs for a few hours, fans want to bring a taste of the fun into their own home and HelloFresh is ready to deliver.

Guardians Snack Adventure HelloFresh
Guardians Snack Adventure Kit from HelloFresh, photo provided by HelloFresh /

The new Guardians Snack Adventure feature two snacks that are found on Knowhere, the location of the Guardians new headquarters. Although that location might not be found on a regular map, the intergalactic snacks, Zarg Nut Bites and Mango Milky Fizz, are being shared with everyone.

As Kirsten Walpert, VP of Brand and Creative, HelloFresh US said, “This fun new collaboration demonstrates how home cooking with friends and loved ones can be an exciting adventure and a memorable bonding experience that you can enjoy with your given or ‘chosen family.’”

Looking at the two snack recipes, they are approachable, both in cooking techniques and ingredients. Plus, they are well-balanced options that anyone would feel good about enjoying during snack time. The two snacks are Zarg Nut Bites and Mango Milk Fizz.

The Zarg Nut Bites have a lot of textures packed into that bite sized snack. It is salty, sweet, creamy and crunchy. With a touch of sweet heat, it leaves people satisfied yet craving the chance to enjoy another serving.

When paired with the Mango Milk Fizz, that touch of heat in the Zarg Bites is slightly tamed. This sweet drink is easy drinking. Not quite as thick as a smoothie, it could be a bright, zesty alternative to chocolate milk at dinner. Made with coconut milk, apricot jam, mango, and seltzer, it is enjoyable for all ages.

Thinking about the Mango Milk Fizz, this concept can be applied in other ways as well. If apricot and mango aren’t a favorite flavor, why not consider a fruit swap. With the coconut milk base, there are many flavors that could be used instead.

While these recipes can be found online, HelloFresh is offering Guardians Snack Adventure kit online starting April 17. More information on these kits can be found online.

In addition to the snack offerings, HelloFresh has six meals that are part of Guardians Adventure recipes series. From Galactic Beef Melts with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Hot Sauce to Galaxy Greens Ricotta Ravioli with Zucchini, Toasted Panko & Parsley, the week can be full of balanced, fun meals. All the recipes can be found online.

It is time to put on some music, head into the kitchen and get cooking. The Guardians of the Galaxy might be out of this world, but their flavorful snacks are coming to a kitchen near you.