Begoña Rodrigo reveals an important element present in all her dishes, interview

TOP CHEF -- Season:20 -- Pictured: Begoña Rodrigo -- (Photo by: Stephanie Diani/Bravo)
TOP CHEF -- Season:20 -- Pictured: Begoña Rodrigo -- (Photo by: Stephanie Diani/Bravo) /

When the chefs were revealed for Top Chef All Stars, many people picked Begoña Rodrigo as a potential front runner. Beyond being the first Top Chef Spain winner, Begoña’s restaurant La Salita has a Michelin Star. The celebrated chef has a long list of well deserved accolades but it is more than the praise that invites people to enjoy a meal at her table. During a recent conversation with the chef, she revealed there is one element that is always present in all her dishes.

Throughout Top Chef All Stars, Begoña has impressed the judges with her intricately plated dishes and her exquisite approach to food. Although one challenge was a substantial misstep in her competition, the other offerings were a celebration of vibrant colors, nuanced flavors, and creative interpretations of the theme.

Given Begoña’s success within the culinary world, many people are wondering what drove her to return to the culinary competition. When asked, she responded, “after thinking a lot about that, I still don’t know. I though being between the winners from “Top Chef” would be a good experience.”

As seen throughout the season, she was not only a competitor, but, in a way, she helped to guide some of the chefs through some culinary quandaries. Whether it was saving a sauce or showing a chef a cooking technique, there were moments where she was both competitor and teacher.

Given her robust knowledge and experience, the London locale was a return for the chef. Having worked at Aquarium in London, she can appreciate the city and its diverse food offerings. Begoña said that “London has always been a cosmopolitan place.” As seen in Top Chef All Stars, viewers are getting a glimpse of that culinary diversity.

Begoña Rodrigo on Top Chef World All Stars
TOP CHEF — Season:20 — Pictured: Begoña Rodrigo — (Photo by: Stephanie Diani/Bravo) /

Although Top Chef is a culinary competition, some of Begoña’s dishes offered a glimpse into her culinary approach and intricate dishes. While some female chefs might have a different approach to cooking, Begoña said that it is not different for her. Specifically, she said, “I like people who love the kitchen and cooking, woman or man, it doesn’t matter.”

From her restaurant to her time on Top Chef, her passion for cooking and food is clear. She asserts that “I have my own touch.” While that may be true, Begoña revealed one concept that should serve as a reminder for all cooks, both professional and amateur.

Begoña said, “the important thing is flavor.” Beyond all the visuals, tricks and other eye captivating elements, flavor drives the best dishes. From the moment that the bite hits the tongue, it needs to elicit a response, hopefully a positive one, and create a memory that lingers far longer than the time at the table.

Begoña Rodrigo is the chef at La Salita in Valencia, Spain. Top Chef World All Stars airs on Bravo Thursday nights at 9 p.m. and can be streamed the following day on Peacock.