What is a banana unicorn and does it really exist?

(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

In the food world, product innovations, food trends, and other curious items fill people’s feed. While the most ardent foodie never wants to be left out of the hottest, tastiest, or other must have “it” item, the reality is that some people prefer to stay within their proverbial box. That situation leads to the following question, does a banana unicorn really exist?

Yes, there are all types of food holidays, including National Unicorn Day. April is banana month, which has many people looking at the versatility of the simple ingredient. Even though some people might struggle with easily peeling a banana or have very strong feelings on the perfect ripeness of that fruit, one item seemed to underline the conversation. Hasn’t everyone had a banana at least once?

Putting aside any potential allergy issues, the banana seems to be one of those universally popular fruits. According to Dole, more than 90% of American households believe that the fruit is a staple. From topping cereals to fruit salad to even that impressive flambe in a bananas foster, the classic fruit appears in a myriad of places.

On National Banana Day, Dole asks the question, is there a banana unicorn out there? That concept is a person who has never had a banana. That’s right, never peeled, cut, eaten, puréed, blended or even baked that fruit. Whether or not this person exists remains to be seen, but Dole is ready to uncover that elusive person.

According to Rachel Young, Dole’s manager of digital marketing and communications, “If you’ve resisted trying a banana up until now for non-health reasons, or even tasted one once and didn’t like it, we want to hear your story. We’re convinced that Dole has a banana smoothie, snack, salad, sandwich, side dish, entrée or dessert recipe that will change your status from banana unicorn to banana regular. If a banana unicorn does exist, we want their first banana experience to be Dole.

Those banana unicorns may get rewarded from Dole with a year’s worth of bananas. The stories need to be convincing. It has to be more than the confounding reasons why peeling a banana upside down is confusing, the lack of love for that banana hammock in the kitchen, or maybe just an aversion to the color yellow. No matter the thought process, the unusual, different, or just funny could earn the reward from Dole. More importantly, the hope is that the banana unicorn will try the fruit and be ready to start a new colorful path to fruit enjoyment.

Be sure to check out Dole’s social media pages for all the Banana Day fun. And, don’t forget to eat a banana today.