WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey is ready to disrupt the summer status quo

WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey, photo provided by WhistlePig
WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey, photo provided by WhistlePig /

While the sun might be high in the sky, the long, lingering summer days invite people to toast the good life. Even if a signature cocktail might quench the thirst, the moment is primed to step away from the status quo. Ready to open a bottle of WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey?

Many people have fallen in love with WhistlePig, specifically with its rye forward spirits. Given that the brand has always chosen to lead, not follow, its special, limited edition offerings seek to push the conversation forward into an uncharted territory. Although there can be some tongue and cheek moments with their celebration, the lack of storied distillery family history, the reality is that choosing to disrupt the old-school approach is a breath of fresh air.

With the new WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey, the special offering embraces the sun-kissed vibe of summer. Using the toasted barrel “solara” the resulting flavor has a mellowness that makes for easy warm weather sipping. It is a blend of Rye and Wheat Whiskey.

Similar to some of its other offerings, a slight maple note brings that hint of sweetness. While there are some warm baking spices to round out the character, there is a slightly mellow finish.

While delightful served over a single ice cube, it can be enjoyed in a cocktail, too. Even just served with a simple twist, which can bring a little brightness to the mix, can be a lovely sipper. That mellow character blends into the laid back summer vibe. This liquor is about pushing the cares aside and choosing to let the moment guide the experience.

Whistle Pig SummerStock Whiskey
Whistle Pig SummerStock Whiskey, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Commenting on the WhistlePig SummerStock, Meghan Ireland, WhistlePig Blender said, “From WhistlePig’s solar project, to experimenting with wheat and toasted barrels, to summer shenanigans with Pit Viper, SummerStock has been an epic endeavor. We can’t wait to see where fans take the adventure this season.”

For SummerStock’s launch, WhistlePig partner with Pit Viper. As part of the limited edition offering, the pair are offering Pit Viper’s custom SummerStock 2000s sunglasses. This accessory is definitely a bold look for any summer activity. From that simple day by the lake to an off road adventure, these shades stand out in the crowd. The SummerStock 2000s sunglasses are available in a special bundle offering with the SummerStock Whiskey.

The WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey is 86 proof. The limited edition offering can be bought as a bottle ($72.99) or in the Pit Viper sunglasses bundle ($149.99). More information on pre-orders can be found on the whiskey brand’s website.