Santo Tequila Añejo offers a bold, agave forward sipping experience

Santo Tequila Añejo, photo provided by Santo Spirits
Santo Tequila Añejo, photo provided by Santo Spirits /

While Guy Fieri and Sammy Hagar turn heads when they enter a room, the newest offering joining their Santo Spirits brand has drinkers taking a moment to ponder. The new Santo Tequila Añejo brings a boldness to the conversation and this aged liquor is one that deserves to be in the spotlight.

From cocktails to its innovative tequila and mezcal blend, Santo Spirits has never been afraid to push the beverage conversation forward. Although there are many celebrity endorsed brands on the shelf, this offering takes both Fieri’s and Hagar’s experience in the food world and creates offerings that a wide audience can appreciate.

As the Santo Tequila Añejo joins the other offerings of Santo Tequila Blanco, the fiery Santo Tequila Blanco 110, Santo Tequila Reposado, and Santo Mezquila, the new aged tequila becomes the nuanced sipper. Enjoyed neat or even with a single cube, the care and craftsmanship is appreciated from the first pour.

According to Fieri, “Our Añejo is the perfect sipper, real deal flavor that comes from treating the agave and the barrel aging process with respect, not from additives or flavorings. On its own or side-by-side whatever you’re grillin’ up, the big, bold, agave-forward flavor of Santo Tequila Añejo is here just in time for summer.

Although the agave is front and center, it is more than just one note. From the first aroma to the lingering finish, the drinking experience invites a moment to ponder, discuss and quite possibly go back for another pour.

At first blush, the aroma brings a touch brightness from grapefruit peel with a hint of tropical with the golden pineapple. Contrasting a creamy vanilla with a robust tobacco resin, the contrasting components add to the complexity. It invites the drinker to explore and discover all the layers.

While the color is bright and has a clarity, there is a lovely mouth feel. Somewhat silky, it feels easy to drink and yet enticing.

On the finish, there is a slight dried sage herbal quality that feels almost comforting, like that satisfying flavor from a favorite food. When contrasted with a juicy, green melon and a slightly peppery cedar, the enjoyment lingers in the perfect way. The drinker feels satisfied yet is always ready to pour another glass to enjoy with friends.

The Santo Tequila Añejo, bottle at 80-proof, is available for pre-order. In addition, it will be available throughout the U.S. via its distributor Southern Glazer’s Wine. A bottle has a suggested retail price of $74.99.