Subway Deli Heroes build a better sandwich with freshly sliced deli meats

Subway Deli Heroes, photo provided by Subway
Subway Deli Heroes, photo provided by Subway /

Over the past couple of years, Subway has transformed that sentiment of eat fresh into a more robust food conversation. The latest menu innovation, Subway Deli Heroes, has the quick service restaurant focusing on freshly sliced deli meats to build a better sandwich.

Quick service restaurants try to set themselves apart by elevating flavors, creative ingredients combinations, and other enticing promotions. For Subway, it has revamped its menu in many ways. It is more than just new names on the menu or food value. With the Subway Deli Heroes, it is the combination of fresh ingredients that have guests wanting more

According to Trevor Haynes, President, North America at Subway, “Over the past two years, we overhauled our expansive pantry of ingredients and debuted a whole new way to Subway with chef-crafted signature sandwiches. These major changes led to rave reviews from our guests and record-breaking sales. This year’s changes are even bigger and more transformational. The addition of freshly sliced meats is the most impactful yet as it gives our guests a better sandwich – raising the bar even higher for the brand that defined fresh. We can’t wait for America to taste the difference and see how far we have come on our journey.”

Subway Deli Heroes
Subway Deli Heroes, photo provided by Subway /

What are the new Subway Deli Heroes options?

The new Subway Deli Heroes sandwiches include Titan Turkey (#15), Grand Slam Ham (#99), Garlic Roast Beef (#17), and The Beast (#30). Each option comes with double cheese as well as the freshly sliced deli meat and various toppings.

While the freshly sliced deli meat is the focus of these new options, the double cheese component is equally as interesting. It boosts the flavor and the heartiness in every bite. In a way, it feels more like how a chef or even mom would make the ultimate sandwich.

Looking at the four options, the sandwiches are quite large. These offerings are more than just bread and deli meats. Some people might order that footlong but have a second portion to enjoy as an additional meal.

The Beast offering might have an alternative name, the Meats. Featuring pepperoni, salami, turkey, ham, roast beef and provolone, it almost sounds like all the toppings of a meat lovers pizza. Since it is quite hearty, the addition of the MVP Vinaigrette is a nice contrast to offset the richness.

Ready to experience the newest flavor on the Eat Fresh Refresh? The Subway Deli Heroes are here.