HelloFresh Pickle Box celebrates the best briny bites

HelloFresh Pickle Box, photo provided by HelloFresh
HelloFresh Pickle Box, photo provided by HelloFresh /

Years ago, pickle might have been delegated to the side of a plate, next to that sandwich, hamburger or other food. In more recent years, the pickle has taken over the food landscape. Beyond the garnish in a Bloody Mary or deep fried as an appetizer, the pickle flavors sweet and savory food options. For anyone who is bonkers for those briny bites, the ultimate pickle collection is here. Ready for the HelloFresh Pickle Box?

Recently, HelloFresh commissioned a survey to get to the “dill” of the pickle situation. Based on responses, 60% of respondents were pickle takers, meaning they would gladly grab that pickle off their dining companion’s plate.

While that simple spear might satisfy a craving, it is not the only pickle flavored food on the plate. Today’s infatuation with the flavor has infiltrated almost every aisle of the store. Even Epcot is embracing the pickle with its Pickle Milkshake.

To celebrate the almighty pickle, the HelloFresh Pickle Box is the ultimate pickle collection. From sweet to savory, the box is overflowing with briny bites.

According to Kirsten Walpert, VP of Brand Marketing, HelloFresh US, “Inspired by consumers’ passion and devotion for all things pickles, we’re excited to introduce the HelloFresh Pickle Box and offer a truly unique and flavorful snacking experience. The box includes a combination of classic, sour and sweet pickles together with craveable, salty snacks and even dill-flavored sweet treats, like a pickle-flavored freeze pop! We hope that pickle fans everywhere will enjoy celebrating National Pickle Month with this specialty box.”

HelloFresh Pickle Box
HelloFresh Pickle Box, photo provided by HelloFresh /

The HelloFresh Pickle Box includes the following:

  • Fairy Tale Cotton Candy Pickle Cotton Candy
  • Fairy Tale Cotton Candy Spicy Pickle Cotton Candy
  • SuckerPunch Snappy Pickle Chips, Classic Dill
  • SuckerPunch Snappy Sweet Pickle Chips, Bread & Butter
  • SuckerPunch Hydration Pickle Juice with Electrolytes
  • SuckerPunch Digestion Pickle Juice with Probiotics
  • Lay’s® Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips
  • Pop Daddy Pretzels Dill Pickle Pretzel Sticks
  • Ass Kickin’ Spicy Pickle Peanuts
  • Ass Kickin’ Spicy Pickle Popcorn, Premium Microwave Popcorn
  • Van Holten’s Warheads Extreme Sour Single Pickle-in-a-Pouch
  • Van Holten’s Tapatio Pickle Salsa Picante Single Pickle-in-a-Pouch
  • Van Holten’s Big Papa Hearty Dill Single Pickle-in-a-Pouch
  • Van Holten’s Pickle Ice Flavored Freeze Pop

From the pickle lover to the person who wants to have the ultimate pickle feast, this box covers it all. More importantly, it shows that pickle flavor is diverse. Some items are pungent, and others are subtle. Sweet, savory, and in between, the simple pickle can do it all.

For people who want to showcase their culinary creativity, this box holds all the options. From shaking up a new cocktail to developing a new dessert option, there are many possibilities. It will be interesting to see how people showcase their purchase.

The HelloFresh Pickle Box is available now atwww.hellofreshpicklebox.com. It sells for $29.99 and no subscription is required.