Smart Cups holds unlimited potential for the Chris Kanik and Gordon Ramsay partnership

As Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars winner, Chris Kanik, and his company Smart Cups, showcased not only savvy business moves but presented a product that has numerous applications. Unlike other entrepreneurs and their products, which are able to fit into a particular category, Chris presented Gordon an entryway into an untapped market that only he can provide.

After the finale aired and he was revealed as the Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars winner, Chris spoke to FoodSided about the episode and what is next for his brand. While we had spoken previously, this conversation was different. Even though Chris brought his energetic personality to the call, there was more than excitement over the announcement. It was the discussion of what Smart Cups is and how it can be developed further.

As seen in the finale, the Smart Cups focused on the marketing and the explanation of the concept. The taglines and focusing on the “just add water” simplicity made the idea understandable to a wide audience.

Chris commented, “over the years we’ve gone through so many different marketing companies that have just haven’t been able to really capture the message. I think that Gordon and his team did a great join of simplifying the messaging and putting it into a palatable manner where the common consumer can understand the benefits of Smart Cups.”

“On the other side of it, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done. It is not as simple as a frozen pizza or a ready to drink beverage. There’s a lot of technical stuff that might not have been suitable for a television show.” While no one would want Chris to divulge his proprietary IP for the eyes of the world to see, that technical aspect is what makes this brand such a find and potentially a game changer.

Chris has explained how the company went from a vehicle for people who needed a different medicine delivery method to a technology that can be used for beverages, mouthwash, dog food and a multitude of other options. While the energy drinks might have been on the FOX television show platform, he is ready to keep growing beyond that particular cup.

Speaking to one aspect as to why he prevailed as Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars winner, Chris said, “on the last episode, look at what I said to Gordon. I’m not coming to you with the product. I’m coming to you with the technology platform and one that is capable of moving into so many different industries, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, personal hygiene products, and even a pet deal that we just signed. There are humanitarian applications and military applications. It really is endless. If Gordon was looking for an ROI, I offered it.”

Chris reiterated what was said at the end of the episode, “we’re going to make an impact and do something special.” It is more than grabbing that package from the shelf, it is seeing the bigger picture. Whether it being able to drop cases of Smart Cups in a natural disaster or changing the MRE for soldiers, the technology is there. It is just determining all the avenues where it can be used.

Chris Kanik Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars winner with Gordon Ramsay

GORDON RAMSAY’S FOOD STARS: L-R: Chris with executive producer Gordon Ramsay in the Season Finale episode of GORDON RAMSAY’S FOOD STARS airing Wednesday, Aug. 16 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. 2023 Fox Media LLC. CR: Greg Gayne/FOX

While Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars did present products, the FOX show was really about discovering the best person to invest in. No one is swimming in a tank or pitching the next great money maker. Each task put the entrepreneurs’ skills to the test.

Discussing that concept, Chris shared, “when people invest, they’re not just investing in a product or an idea. They are investing in people. On the show, I was avoiding conflict, avoiding trivia, and presenting myself as a true professional. One that is capable of representing technology, like Smart Cups, in a professional manner that was worthy of Gordon Ramsay’s investment.”

“When you’re someone of Gordon’s caliber, you’re going to make an investment that is an extension of your brand. It was about who was the person that I could trust. I proved that Gordon could trust me.”

Reflecting on the totality of the season, Chris said that it was not necessary the task in each challenge that was his focus. He said, “watching Gordon and watching his expectations” is a concept that he has applied to his brand post-show. As Chris looks to reformulate the flavors of his energy drinks, that better appreciation beyond the functionality is key to build a loyal customer base.

While the post-finale response has been off the charts, Chris sees this brand as a concept that can transform the food industry. From his mouthwash cups that are a simple travel solution that a large group of people will want to licensing this type of technology to various other companies, the success from appearing on a FOX television show is exponential.

Basically, Smart Cups can and will make a positive impact. From printing micronutrients and the humanitarian aspect to the ease of use for the traveler, it shows that a thoughtful, forward thinking technology is and will continue to be a game changer.

The time is now for one cup to make a difference. Sooner versus later, Chris Kanik’s Smart Cups will be sitting in everyone’s homes.

Missed an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars? The whole first season can be streamed on Hulu.