Curious Starbucks PSL facts that you might not know

Starbucks PSL returns for 2023
Starbucks PSL returns for 2023 /

As the infamous seasonal drink returns to the menu, these Starbucks PSL facts might change how people look at that beverage. Even though it has been 20 years since it first appeared on the menu, the iconic latte creation might not have been the most obvious choice.

When the Starbucks PSL returns to the menu, many people rejoice. It might not necessarily cause as many long lines as the annual red cup event during the holidays, but it is a spirited occasion.

Recently, Starbucks revealed how its pumpkin spice latte transformed from an idea in the Liquid Lab to the warm, comforting sip that people love. Although flavors like chocolate and caramel had many taste testers craving those concepts, it was the uniqueness that pumpkin offered which captivated the team.

Through much testing, the pairing of espresso and pumpkin was carefully crafted. It was about bringing out the nuances of both flavors. The coffee could not be overshadowed by warm spices or the pumpkin notes.

Starbucks PSL facts
Starbucks PSL returns for 2023 /

After finalizing the perfect blend, the name had to be chosen. The PSL was not the original choice. Instead, that seasonal favorite coffee was going to be called “fall harvest latte.”

Although that name might conjure images of a fall hayride, time at the apple orchard, or wandering the pumpkin patch, it does not give drinkers the real story. Since the focus is pumpkin, the gourd needed to be in the name.

Once it was released, the PSL was a hit. People were thirsty for more. But, at one point, the now iconic beverage almost did not return. Still, the power of the people ensured that it comes back year after year.

Since the Starbucks PSL was released, the beverage has evolved. From new versions that incorporate cold brew, foams, and chai tea varieties to cocktails at Starbucks Reserve locations, it seems that there is no limit to the way that the seasonal beverage can transform.

What are the real Starbucks PSL facts? The truth is that people cannot get enough of the iconic latte. Luckily it is back, and everyone can enjoy it till all those holiday flavors take over.

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