Sustainable food and beverage choices drive consumer travel decisions

Sustainable food and beverage choices in luxury travel, Coco Collection Maldives, photo provided by Coco Collection
Sustainable food and beverage choices in luxury travel, Coco Collection Maldives, photo provided by Coco Collection /

Anyone who has stepped into an airport appreciates that people are ready, willing, and able to jump on a plane to an exciting destination. Looking at some of those consumer travel decisions, the locale is just one aspect driving that particular purchase. Sustainable food and beverage choices within the travel experience can have one resort getting top billing over another.

While travelers long to discover intriguing venues and learn about various cultures, entering into these locales does come with a price. Even though some places are starting to control where, how many, and how often visitors are given entrance, it is more than just setting a quota. The resorts can incorporate sustainable food and beverage options into the experience.

From Southeast Asia to the Central America, travelers can make conscious choices to put sustainability into the conversation. When choosing one resort over another, it can be the tipping point.

For many people, a trip to the Maldives is a bucket list moment. The picturesque setting is more than the epitome of relaxation. It is a celebration of the beauty of nature and a moment to reflect on what it provides.

At the Coco Collection, Coco Body Hithi and Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, the balance between preserving location traditions and being socially responsible are an integral part to the experience. The culinary and eco-forward initiatives offer guests a taste of how they can get involved both on site and maybe inspire them to continue the concepts when they get home. From planting trees to supporting marine life, those concepts are universally appreciated.

Sustainable food and beverage choices in luxury travel, Coco Collection Maldives
Sustainable food and beverage choices in luxury travel, Coco Collection Maldives, photo provided by Coco Collection /

Focusing on local fish and seasonal ingredients, the food is not just a bounty on the table but also looks to keep that source surviving for years to come. The Chef’s garden showcases that food source and serves as a reminder that farm fresh food is always the most flavorful ingredient on the plate.

While the Maldives have that picturesque locale that brings guests close to the lifegiving aspects of water, Ayana Estate in Bali pours a conversation about food’s connection to personal and planetary health. With a farm on property, the craft farm-to-table cocktails celebrate not only that crop culture but also the natural benefits that the ingredients offer.

As many people have come to appreciate, farm fresh ingredients not only taste better but also can help supplement balanced eating. Sipping on these beverages can be nourishing for both the body and soul.

In addition, Ayana Estate Bali has transitioned its farm to 100% solar energy. Speaking to this change, Giordano Faggioli, General Manager of AYANA Estate commented, “The opening of the completely reimagined AYANA Farm reaffirms our commitment to using environmentally sustainable practices across our resorts and hotels, while also honoring local traditions.”

While on property, guests can see the impact that the farm and resort has on the community. It can instill a willingness to see how these concepts can be employed in their own area.

Although Bali and the Maldives use their stunning water-centric locales to support that sustainable food and beverage conversation, Costa Rica has always put that Pura Vida mantra on display. At Hotel Belmar, located in the Monteverde community invites guests to explore the magical cloud forest.

Hotel Belmar Sustainable Food and Beverage choices in luxury travel
Hotel Belmar Canopy Picnic, photo provided by Hotel Belmar /

Known as a leader in responsible tourism, the Hotel Belmar invites guests to participate in its Offset Your Footprint program to contribute to its carbon negative initiative. That program in addition to local initiatives as well as its commitment to put the environment first has made it a top choice for sustainable food and beverage travel.

Specifically, the Hotel Belmar garden to glass cocktail program that uses resort made infusions, syrups and more. In addition, they have their own nano brewery, a regenerative dining program, and an onsite huge garden space. Basically, the resort looks to source as much as possible on site or within a short radius.

When consumer travel decisions focus on sustainable food and beverage choices, there are a plenty of options across the globe that align with their personal beliefs. With a little research and consideration, a memorable vacation that can leave the positive impact is possible.

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