Hellmann’s transforms leftovers into the star of the holiday feast

Hellmann's invites everyone to rethink those holiday leftovers, photo provided by CNW Group/Hellmanns
Hellmann's invites everyone to rethink those holiday leftovers, photo provided by CNW Group/Hellmanns /

Before the holiday feast hits the table, the buildup to the big event takes over the conversation. From seasonings and sides to cooking techniques and kitchen essentials, the leftover food may not be front of mind. Although some cooks might be uber creative for the main meal, ensuring that there is no food wasted might not have the same attention. Hellmann’s is ready to come to their rescue.

According to a Hellmann’s survey, many people feel that leftovers are “boring,” and up to 1/3 of respondents said that food does not taste as good when served again. Those two sentiments are part of the reason why people toss the leftovers into the trash. That choice is wasteful not only for the wallet but also for the planet. There are plenty of ways to give those leftovers a glow-up.

As Chris Symmes, Marketing Director, Dressings North America, Unilever said, “Hellmann’s continues to champion the fight against food waste through our platform ‘Make Taste, Not Waste’ and we’re proud of the impact we’ve been able to bring to the issue through our marketing efforts. Between 2 Slices continues to build on our efforts to educate North Americans about food waste reduction and through the simplicity of this holiday-season campaign featuring sandwiches, we’re arming consumers with the knowledge and tools to make mindful choices about their food consumption, ensuring that the joy of celebrations stays on the plate, not in the trash.”

Hellmann’s holiday food waste campaign
Hellmann’s invites everyone to rethink those holiday leftovers, photo provided by CNW Group/Hellmanns /

While the sandwich might sound like a simple solution to repurpose that turkey, ham, or roast, it is far from bland or boring. People might laugh at the leftover sandwich that piles every part of the feast between two slices, but it can be the best bite of the night. More importantly, it is a reminder that food is not limited to one presentation.

Hellmann’s has a variety of recipes that amplify the flavor between two slices. While many people might spread that mayo as a condiment on a sandwich, it can be used as a trick to make that panini even crispier. It is a hack that many people know from that grilled cheese recipe.

Although between two slices usually refers to bread, it does not have to be just that food. Why not take a different approach to some leftover dressing and use that item as the “bread.” Dressing waffles (ie putting leftover dressing into a waffle maker) can be both an open and traditional sandwich base. With a little Hellmann’s garlic aioli spread for adding flavor, it is an easy way to use up all the leftovers in a single dish.

Basically, there are plenty of ways to ensure that no food is wasted, both during the holidays and every day. Even though mom might not have appreciated kids playing with their food at the table, the kitchen is the perfect place where imagination comes alive. Between two slices, spreading good flavor, or just however people please, Hellmann’s has a condiment solution to ensure that all food finds its way onto the plate.

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