Welcome the sweetest dreams at Wonka’s Sweet Suites via Booking.com

Imaginative sweet dreams at Wonka's Sweet Suites via Booking.com
Imaginative sweet dreams at Wonka's Sweet Suites via Booking.com /

While holiday season brings up phrases of sugar plums dancing in the heads, real sweet dreams are set to come true. For the lucky few who are able to experience Wonka Sweet Suites via Booking.com, the world of imagination comes to life.

Recently, hotels, resorts and even Airbnb have leveraged specialty themed rooms and stays around movie releases, special events, or pop culture moments. While staying at a hotel can feel like a type of escapism, the reality is that many people want more than just luxurious bedding and great water pressure. These specialty experiences are that option.

The idea of stepping into the confectionery world of Willy Wonka appeals to a large audience. From the adults who wants to capture that sense of nostalgia to the families to want to create the ultimate group experience, there is a huge audience of people who cannot wait to take a small piece of that movie magic and bring it to the real world.

Via Booking.com, the Wonka Sweet Suites are available at Park Lane New York’s Conservatory Suite and Viceroy Santa Monica’s Palmetto King Suite. Although the room might not have special powers that allow guests to float in mid-air, there are plenty of imaginative elements that bring that sweet world to life.

Imaginative sweet dreams at Wonka’s Sweet Suites via Booking.com
Imaginative sweet dreams at Wonka’s Sweet Suites via Booking.com /

Various elements from the movie have been recreated in this suite. From a chocolate bar bed topped with marshmallows to the tree from Wonka’s candy shop, it might not be full of feng shui but it is a candy lover’s dream come true.

For those wishing to step into this sweet world, reservations for the Wonka Sweet Suites will become available on December 13 at noon ET on Booking.com. The stays will be offered from December 15 through 15. The stay costs $12.15, which references the movie’s release date.

Can’t get a reservation at the Wonka Sweet Suites, try these sugary locales instead.

With more than half of vacationers wanting to be the star of their next vacation, Booking.com has a wide array of sweet locales around the world that can satisfy that wanderlust craving. From a quick trip close to home to jetting away across the globe, the opportunities are waiting to be explored.

Booking.com suggests these sweet inspired locations:

  • Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate | Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Pousada Burundanga | Itacaré, Brazil
  • ODSweet Duomo Milano Hotel | Milan, Italy
  • Royal Mansour Marrakech | Marrakech, Morocco
  • Soneva Fushi | Kunfunadhoo Island, Maldives
  • Adelphi Hotel | Melbourne, Australia

While the names might showcase the connection, each hotel has experiences that will have everyone at home feeling a huge case of FOMO. For example, Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate in Portugal feels like that Wonka inspired world. From the bed to even booking some Chocotherapy, there are plenty of fun experiences to be enjoyed.

As travelers want a true experience when they travel, these type of unique hotels and resorts will become more coveted. A picture might share a thousand words, but the memories from that vacation will last a lifetime.

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